Dear FA, we are Jayden and Alicia…

Both Doug Reed and FutsalPlanet published emotional letters of young futsal players Jayden (11-year-old futsaler) and Alicia (16-year-old goalkeeper). They both send an appeal to the FA which recently cut fundings for futsal and afterwards withdrew England national team from 2022 Euro.

>> GUILTY: UEFA fined the FA for withdrawing its national team from Euro 2022

We are bringing you Jayden's and Alicias's letters in their entirety…

"Dear FA, my name is Jayden and I've been playing Futsal for 4 years and I'm now 11 years old. I train weekly with the Tune in 2 Futsal team. I love Futsal because I have so much fun with my friends and I learn so many new skills. I have gained so much confidence that I use in my everyday life. I love that there is more goals and it's more intense.

I really enjoyed going to see the men's national Futsal series games where I got to play against London Wizards and we won. It was also an honour to walk out with the Helvecia team for their game and meet my favourite player England Captain Rooni Medina it was also amazing. I won his England shirt.

Futsal is my dream and now I have heard that you are taking the England futsal team away please reconsider and KEEP the England team so I can follow my dreams and keep watching he incredible games they do.


From Jayden"

Jayden, our hero! ❤⚽️ Futsal is the way! Futsal players, our idols! And as children say the truth... more goals, more intense. 👏👏👏👏👏

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