All draws in Brazilian futsal playoff quarterfinal

Very similar to the opening matches of Round of 16 in the Brazilian futsal playoff, all first legs of the quarterfinal match-ups ended in a hard-fought draw!

Cascavel fights for a draw against Magnus Futsal

In the first match of the quarterfinals, Cascavel (8th) hosted Sorocaba's Magnus Futsal (1st). Magnus took the lead early in the game when Charuto found the back of the net after a fast passing play with his teammate. In the closing stages of the first-half, Cascavel's Biel scored the equalizer with a header(!) after a corner-kick.

However, Magnus' Alisson put the guests ahead again seconds before half-time and Magnus were once again in front.

The second half was exciting with good opportunities created by both teams, showing a lot of balance and willingness to win. Leozinho scored the third for Magnus and made Cascavel use the 'flying goalkeeper' and go all or nothing in search for goals.

The pressure paid off. Carlão scored to slow Magnus down and, with three minutes left in the match, Zequinha equalized the score on 3-3 - the final result of the match.

The next match will take place 21 November, 13:30 local time.

Tubarão finds a way to draw against Praia Clube

Praia Clube (9th) hosted Tubarão (3rd) for the first leg of the LNF 2020 quarterfinals and have an active result after the match, leaving everything open for the return game against the team from Santa Catarina.

Thanks to the goal of Serginho in the 11th minute, who had a nice touch on one fast ball coming towards the goal, Tubarão came into the lead.

However, Praia Clube first equalized in the 17th minute thanks to an effort by Hugo and then in literally the last second of the first-half, Hugo again found the back of the net putting Praia Clube in an advantage at the break.

Tubarão was pressing real hard in the second half but managed only to find very motivated defenders from the Praia Clube. In the 37th minute, Tubarão finally got a break. Thanks to the 6th accumulated foul, Passamani equalized the score after a 10m free-kick.

Return leg of this match-up is on schedule for 22 November, 18:00 local time!

Corinthians manages to level after trailing behind Carlos Barbosa

Corinthianas (6th) hosted Carlos Barbosa (5th) in their first quarterfinal match of this year's Brazilian futsal playoff. Match ended in a tough-fought 2-2 draw.

After the first-half, Carlos Barbosa thought they just might get away with it easier than they thought. First, Richard scored for the guests after one nice run by his team on the left side of the court. The ball found him on the far post and he put it behind the goalkeeper very nicely. 

In the last possession of the first-half, Carlos Barbosa scored again thanks to a beautiful effort by Bruno who found the net from a very hard position on the right side.

Immediately in the second-half however, Deives scored for Corinthians after a nice touch in front of the visiting goalkeeper. Corinthian's pressure payed off as eventually in the 37th minute when Murilo used the surplus of players Corinthians had on the court and scored an important equalizing goal for his team.

Return match is on schedule on 22 November, 11:00 local time!

Joinville is still waiting for their opponent in the playoff quarterfinals. They will play against the winner of Atlantico - Pato match-up, whose first match ended in a 5-4 victory by Atlantico.

>>> Atlântico wins against Pato in Brazilian futsal playoff

Their return leg is on schedule later today (17:00 local time).