Pato wins over Atlantico and secures quarterfinals!

Postponed match of the Brazilian futsal playoff Round of 16 between Pato and Atlantico has been resolved. After loosing the first match away, Pato won at home and then secured the progress to quarterfinals with a victory in extra-time.


In regular time, Pato pushed really strong for the win and they were rewarded for their efforts. By the half-time, Pato had a 3-0 lead, ending the match in regular time with a 5-2 win.

Because Atlantico won the first duel between the teams, extra-time would decide which team qualifies for quarterfinals.

Pato were dominant once again and with two goals in the f extra-time secured their place in the next phase of the Brazilian futsal playoff.

Rodriguinho, Rabisco, Romarinho, Ramon and Joãozinho scored for Pato, including two goals by João Lucas. On the other side, Lucas Selbach and Guto scored for Atlantico.

Pato will play Joinville in the quarterfinals. First match is on schedule on 21 November, 21:30 local time!