Goran Ivančić: I congratulate the lads; Mićo Martić: Finland is not afraid of anyone (VIDEO HIGLIGHTS)


Serbian national futsal team qualified for their second World Cup as the last (seventh) Europan country that will participate in Futsal Mundial in Lithuania from 12 September to 3 October 2021.

>> Serbia qualifies for the Futsal World Cup!

Serbia secured their place in Lithuania after a 5:5 draw against Finland in Vantaa and winning the game on aggregate 6:5. Unlike the first match, which ended with only one goal (Serbia won 1:0), in Wednesday's match, we saw ten goals, a few reversals… we saw the real promotion of futsal.

"In the first half, we played terribly. We were very nervous, even though we scored in the first minute. And, instead of resolving the question of the winner, we started making unexpected mistakes. We quickly in problems with fouls and that dictated our defence", said Ivanović before his players interrupted him and started celebrating the victory.

"In the second half, we played much better. However, we missed many chances but managed to qualify for the World Cup. And that is most important. We made mistakes, but in the end, we deserved to qualify for Lithuania. I congratulate the lads from the hart!" said Ivanović.

The Serbian hero was Jovan Lazarević, who scored a hat-trick and led Serbia to victory.

"We opened the match great, scored an early goal. However, we become very nervous. We fastly entered the bonus with five fouls. But, in the second half, we started playing. We were brave. That is how we need to play on Futsal Mundial. I am delighted for may performances", said Lazarevuć for fss.rs.

On the other side, the Finns were sad but not disappointed. They fought great, had an excellent campaign, and, as a complete underdog, were close to incredible success.

"We have our way of playing, which we know thoroughly. Finland is not afraid of anyone. I am proud of these players, especially the most experienced ones, who have come a long way. Some young players have grown up with the team. I believe that Finland has a bright future," said Mićo Martić after the game.

Finland's captain and best player, Panu Autio, scored two goals. In the first period, when Finald had a 3:2 lead, Autio missed to realized a double-penalty, which would lead the hosts to satisfactory two-goal differences.

"We cramped and pressed Serbia! But, we let too many easy goals. We scored five goals and missed to win. That is futsal. The team has developed tremendously, and I don't see why it shouldn't continue. We all have that feeling that our best game was not played today. The best match is still somewhere ahead ", said Autio for Pallollitto.fi.