Magnus won the Championship Paulista

Magnus won the Futsal State Championship of São Paulo known as Campeonato Paulista! After beating São José Futsal 5-1 in the first leg of the final, Magnus confirmed the title with a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal by Danilo Baron in the second half.

This Magnus team finished the State Championship as an invincible team, having recorded eight victories and only one draw. Magnus scored 51 goals in total and conceded just 10. Pivot Allison was the best scorer of the league and winger Pett was the second best scorer, with 8 and 6 goals on their tallies, respectably.

Before 2020, Magnus Futsal won the Campeonato Paulista in 2014 and 2017, making this their third success. With this title, Magnus now qualified for Taça Brasil in which all state champions will play for birth in Copa Libertadores.

This Sunday, Magnus plays the final of elite LNF. First match against Corinthians ended in a 1-1 draw and Magnus will have every chance of clinching another trophy this season. In fact, they are also, still, undefeated in the LNF, including the playoffs.

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