With two goals in the last minute KPRF secured a draw against second-placed Sinara!

In the Russian Superleague, the champion KPRF and second-placed team Sinara Yekateriburg played a draw (3:3) in Saturday's derby match (postponed match of the third round). The game was quite exciting. In the 48th minute (Russians play 2x25m), Maxim Gerasimov scored his second goal for Sinara's 3:1. However, KPRF managed to score twice in the last minute and secured a draw for their team.

After having ten victories in the first ten rounds, KPRF won only 7 points in the last five matches. However, they still have six points more than second-place Sinara and 8 points and one game less than third-placed Yugra.

The first half was goalless, and Denis Burkov scored for KPRF in 28th. Sinara equalized in 36th after Anton Sokolov's goal. In the last 10 minutes, Gerasimov scored twice from penalties (first from 6m, second from 10m).

Sinara had a 3:1 lead until the last minute when Yanar Asadov (the candidate for FutsalFeed Best Team of the year Award) and Artem Niyazov scored in a power-play and secured their team a draw.

In the second postponed match, Dynamo Samara defeated Novaja Generacija (the New Generation) at an away parquet with 4:1.