Argentine Futsal League Enters Final Week

Regardless of the results in the few last matches to be played in Argentina this season, it is safe to say one thing - futsal has beaten the virus.

For a long time, it seemed that there won't be a futsal season in Argentina due to the virus outbreak, especially given the fact that the continental competitions were also canceled. Nevertheless, the futsal community managed to organize and complete an entire season (albeit somewhat shorter than usual) of futsal.

The champions will be decided on the futsal court, as they should be.

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From the end of November until this week, the best Argentine futsal teams played-out for a place in the finals. 

Boca Juniors overcome San Lorenzo for the finals

In the 'Primera' semifinals, Boca Juniors were successful against San Lorenzo. Bruno Ninotti's goal put Boca ahead, but Lucas Bolo Alemany equalized in the next possession for San Lorenzo - 1:1. San Lorenzo then managed to turn the score thanks to an effort by Yaya Menzeguez, but it was Boca's Lucio Thorp who equalized the score again.

With just a few seconds left on the clock, it seemed that the match will go into extra-time. However, since both teams had five accumulative fouls - every mistake could be costly. Which was proven true. San Lorenzo's Tomás Pescio made the sixth foul on Boca's Martín Giménez to award a 10m penalty for Pablo Vidal who showed a lot of composure and secured a 3-2 victory for Boca and place in the finals.

This victory has a pretty sweet taste for Boca since San Lorenzo had beaten them in two finals last year.

Kimberley secures the first final after two seasons

In the second semifinal duel, Kimberley beat Villa La Ñata with the same result 3-2. But it was the Ñata's Germán Brizuela who put his team in front just before half-time after a great individual effort.

In the second half, Martin Persec, playing under an injury, turned things around for Kimberley. First, he stole one ball from the Ñata's defender and immediately took advantage of that equalizing the score. Some minutes later, Andres Geraghty put Kimberley in front after a nicely placed shot.

With one minute left on the clock, Ñata's Jony Carnevale found the back of the net after a nice action-play and equalized the score - a true nail-biter! But, if Ñata's defenses did not hold out in the end. 

With less than a minute to play, Martin Persec took a free-kick from about 10 meters distance and found the back of the net with a great shot putting his team in the national finals for the first time since 2017!

The final match between Boca Juniors and Kimberley is on the schedule this Friday at 21:00 (local time).

Newell's Old Boys return to the Primera after 21 years

Argentine Second Division (Segunda) was also on the schedule these past few months. One of the founding members of the futsal league in Argentina, Newell's Old Boys, secured their place in the Primera for the next season after 21 years in which they did not sport a futsal section.

Three years ago Newell's Old Boys started a futsal section with a group of dreamers who in their wildest dreams couldn't imagine they will be playing the top flight after consecutive promotions from the fourth level.

They still have a final match to play against Independiente (who also secured a quick promotion back to Primera), a match that also gives a berth to Argentine Super Cup to the winner.

In the consolation playoffs of the Segunda, Atlanta will face Jorge Newbery. The winner of this match will also be awarded a berth in the Super Cup. Segunda finals are on the schedule this Thursday.

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Once again, thanks Pasión Futsal for providing all the information on Argentine futsal!