VIDEO: Succesful day for home teams in Spanish LNFS

After Jimbe Cartagena defeated Betis on Tuesday and jumped to the top of the table, Levante is against the leading team of Spanish First Division after defeating Jaén at the home parquet 5:3. At the half time the result was 3:3, Toro (7') scored once and Rivillos twice (18', 20') for the home team and Mauricio twice (3', 19') and Mithyue once (15') for Jaén. Rafa Usin scored fourth for Levante in 30', and Esteban put the final score in the last minute. 

ElPozo Murcia was convincing (3:0) against Córdoba Patrimonio in the postponed match of the 16th round. Scorers for European vice-champions were Rafa Santos (16'), Fernando (25') and Matteus (40').

Viña Albali Valdepeñas defeated O Parrulo Ferrol 4:2. The home team had 3:0 lead at the half-time (Catela 5', Cainan 8', Garcia 19'). Xavi Cols scored an own goal in 31' for the first Ferrol's goal, and Chino put the fourth for the home team in 33'. The final result was put in 38' by Miguel.

Levante is now a leading team of the league with two points and one match more than Cartagena. Viña Albali Valdepeñas with 14 points and two matches less than Levante and ElPozo is 7th with 18 points but also five matches less than the leading team. Córdoba and O Parrulo are in the relegation zone, and Jaén is fighting for the playoff place.