Road to the Italian Cup Final 8 starts today

Coppa Italia Futsal 2021 road to the Final Eight tournament starts today with 2 matches on the schedule, with another 4 matches being played later this weekend!

Qualifiers schedule (all match times in local time):

  • Meta Catania Bricocity - Signor Loan CMB Matera 26/03, 4.30 pm
  • Feldi Eboli - Saviatesta Mantova 26/03, 8.30 pm
  • Sandro Abate Avellino - Cybertel Aniene 27/03, 4 pm
  • Came Dosson - CDM Futsal Genoa 27/03, 6.30 pm
  • Real San Giuseppe - Todis Lido di Ostia 27/03, 6.30 pm
  • Syn-Bios Petrarca - Colormax Pescara 27/03, 7 pm

Acqua e Sapone and Pesaro, as the two best-ranked teams, await the winners at the Final Eight tournament that will be held from 19 to 25 April. Winners of this weekend's matches will join them then in Rimini.

In the event of a tie at the end of the match, two 5' extra times will be played. If the result remains leveled, teams will take penalty shots, at least 5 per team. 


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