(HIGHLIGHTS) Netherlands defeats Kosovo in their second duel

After a goalless draw one day before, the Futsal Euro hosts the Netherlands played another friendly match against Kosovo. This time, we saw some goals and we saw the Netherlands recording a victory.

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Mats Velseboer opened the scoring after he dribbled into Kosovo's defense and scored a nice backheel shot.

Velseboer was once again in action in the second half. After a corner kick, he received a ball outside of the box and with a well-placed shot extended the Dutch lead.

A few minutes later, Tevfik Ceyar further extended the Dutch lead after a nice passing play and fast transition.

The consolation goal for Kosovo was scored by Meriton Salihu with more than 9 minutes left on the clock but was unable to produce more than this.

After a goalless but exciting draw, futsal enthusiasts could have enjoyed a great futsal match between two aspiring teams.

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