Rekord Bielsko-Biała wins the Polish futsal champioship

For a fifth time in a row, Rekord Bielsko-Biała from historic Silesia region has been crowned champions of the Polish futsal!

Rekord was undisputed in this year's Ekstraklasa, clinching the title with 6 games left in the season. 

At the moment of clinching the title, Rekord played 28 matches, winning every one of them except the match against Chorzow. Chorzow also eliminated Rekord from the Polish Cup quarterfinals, and only one more loss in the entire season for Rekord happened in the UEFA Futsal Champions League against Romanian representatives, United Galati.

Rekord's title hunt came to a fruitful end after a match against - Chorzow, which they cruised over with a dominant display and a big 8-1 victory.

Once again, Rekord will represent Poland in the next season of the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Congratulations to everyone involved in this success from FutsalFeed's staff!

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