(HIGHLIGHTS) Interobal Plzen and Chrudim start their semifinal series with a win

The Czech futsal championship reached its semifinal stage and the first matches have already been played.

In a thrilling quarterfinal duel between Prague city rivals Sparta (4) and Slavia (5), it was Slavia Prague who ousted their rivals 3-2 in the playoff series and now enjoys the semifinal stage.

Interobal Plzen 2-1 SK Slavia Prague (1:0)

Slavia faced Interobal Plzen (1) who cruised to the semifinal stage after defeating Melnik 3-0 in the series. The first match between Interobal Plzen and Slavia Prague ended in a 2-1 victory for the Plzen team.

But it was a rocky road to victory for Plzen. Ševčík scored in the last moments of the first half to put Slavia in front. By the middle of the second half though, Rick and Vnuk managed to turn things around for Interobal Plzen. Thanks to their efforts, Interobal Plzen has taken the lead in this semifinal series.

The next match in Prague is on schedule for Monday, 20:15 local time. Full match archive available below:

Chrudim 2-1 Svarog (1-0)

Both teams reached the semifinal stage after a 3-0 record in the quarterfinal series against their rivals. However, Chrudim (2) opened the semifinal series with a 2-1 victory over competitive Svarog (3).

David Drozd has put the home side in from in 12'. But Svarog didn't concede that easily. Thanks to an effort by Adriano they have equalized in the 29'. Nevertheless, David Drozd scored his and Chrudim's second of the evening in 37' to seal the match.

The return leg is on schedule this Saturday, 19:00 local time.

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