Finland: Kampuksen Dynamo is the Finish futsal champion!

We have a new 2021 futsal champion in Europe! On the far north of the continent, Kampuksen Dynamo has won the national futsal trophy for the third time in their history! This is also their third consecutive title.

In the final series of the Finish futsal playoff, Kapuksen Dynamo defeated FC Kemi.

Kampuksen Dynamo finished the league stage of the championship in third place, making their way to the title that harder.

However, their push through the quarterfinals and semifinals was flawless. They defeated Mad Max 2-0 in the quarterfinal series, and with the same end result, they have defeated Tornion Palloveikot who have finished second in the league stage.

In the final series, Kampuksen Dynamo faced FC Kemi who have finished the league stage on top of the table, but who played three matches in both quarterfinal and semifinal playoff series.

Kampuksen Dynamo took the lead after the first match in the series where they were hosts (5:4). FC Kemi then responded with a victory of their own in their arena (3:2), equalizing the series.

In the final match, Kemi had the home-court advantage, but it was Kampuksen Dynamo who managed a 4:2 victory for their third consecutive title!

FutsalFeed staff wishes to congratulate everyone involved in this success!

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