Russia: Sinara and Tyumen for the Russian futsal Superliga title

The Russian futsal Superliga completed its semifinal stage and we have our finalist. Sinara Yekaterinburg pipped KPRF in three games for a clean series to reach the final, while Tyumen defeated Norilsk Nickel in the semifinal series.

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After defeating KPRF two times at home earlier in the series, Sinara has done it again in KPRF's venue to secure the final series after a clean 3-0 semifinal.

The first half of the match was marked by KPRF's Romulo getting sent off by the middle of the half and Asadov's missed penalty that will haunt KPRF.

In the second half, Abramov scored to put Sinara in front. Asadov equalized for KPRF a few minutes later, but his goal was immediately annulled by Gerasimov for a new Sinara lead. Finally, Niyazov equalized once again a few minutes before the whistle and the match went to extra time.

As we didn't see any more goals in extra time, the match proceeded to the penalties. Sinara's players showed more composure and won the penalty shoot-out, securing the final series as we

In the other semifinal series which was tied after the first two matches, Tyumen managed to win both matches at its home venue and will travel to the final.

Tyumen won the third duel against Norilsk Nickel to achieve an advantage in the series. The result of the first match was 4-2 in Tyumen's favor.

In the second match, we could have seen more of the same. Tyumen defeated Norilsk Nickel with 5-3 result.

The final series next weekend as the first match is on schedule on 13 June. Sinara is the best ranked team in the playoff and will host the first two matches.

KPRF and Norilsk Nickel will square off for the third position, with their series also beginning on the same date.

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