Slovenia: Dobovec lifts the championship trophy

Dobovec is Slovenian back-to-back futsal champion! The UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Eight participants have defeated Litija in the final series. The series went on to the fourth match as Dobovec claimed a 0-5 away victory to finish the series 3-1 overall in their favor.

The first match of the final series finished with Dobovec's 6-1 victory at home. In the second duel at Litija's venue, Litija managed to record a victory after penalties.

However, in the next two matches, Dobovec did not allow any surprises.

Third match finished in Dobovec's 5-2 victory, for Kujtim Morina's troops to finish the series with a dominant 5-0 away victory.

This is Dobovec's third national title as the last season winner was not pronounced do the pandemic.

In the next season, Dobovec will represent Slovenia in the UEFA Futsal Champions League.

FusalFeed wishes to congratulate everyone involved in this success.

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