France: ACCS lifts the championship trophy!

In a very close and thrilling finish of the season, ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 has claimed the French futsal title! Although ACCS represented French futsal in this season's UEFA Futsal Champions League, the last season in France was abandoned and the winner was never officially proclaimed. That means that this is ACCS' first title as French futsal champions.

ACCS secured the title after 22 rounds of the championship and they have done so in the last round with a 5-1 victory against Nantes at home. 

Movaux Lille Metropole Futsal was chasing ACCS throughout the championship, even sitting at the top for a while. Only ACCS' loss in the season came against Lille. Besides this loss, ACCS recorded only one more draw (against city rivals Paris Acasa) and the rest were victories resulting in a very successful season.

The last meeting between ACCS and Lille, which ACCS won 5-1, proved to be crucial for the championship race. With a victory there, the Paris team sat on top of the table and held it until the end.

In their first European campaign, it is safe to say that ACCS had very strong opponents but definitely did not disappoint, although their own wishes were set a bit higher.

After successfully surpassing Serbian champions Crvena Zvezda (7-3), ACCS has done the same against Italian champions Italservice Pesaro (3-2). In the round of 16, ACCS was stopped by Barcelona (2-1) in a match that showed that ACCS belongs at the top of European futsal. They will get another chance in the next season as representatives of France in the UEFA Futsal Champions League.

The national cup competition was canceled to make the schedule easier for the teams due to difficulties with Covid.

FutsalFeed wishes to congratulate ACCS and everyone involved in this success!

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