Hungary: Haladás VSE are futsal champions of Hungary!

For the first time in their 10-year history, Haladás VSE has been crowned champions of Hungarian futsal! In the final series, they have defeated the former champion MVFC Berettyójfalu.

It was quite an interesting season for Haladás which they finished in the top position in the regular league stage of the season, with just one point ahead of Berettyójfalu, and recording only one loss in the process - in the last round when it "didn't matter".

Then came the intermediate stage of the championship which was contested by the five best teams of the regular league stage. In a group of five teams, Haladás finished second behind Berettyójfalu who defeated them twice during this stage.

As two best teams in the country, these two proceeded to the playoff final which was contested until one team reaches three victories.

A potentially crucial victory for the Haladás team was the first match of the series when they defeated Berettyójfalu while traveling away. This was followed by another victory in the second round of the playoff final, but this time at home.

The series then went back to Berettyójfalu, where the hosts recorded their only victory in this final series. The final match, that was played yesterday saw Haladás rise to a 4-1 victory which secured them the title.

This also means that Haladás will represent Hungary in the next season of the UEFA Futsal Champions League!

Congratulation to everyone involved in this success from FutsalFeed's staff!

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