Germany: TSV Weilimdorf champion, Futsal Bundesliga ready to start

The stage is set to finally kick off the German Futsal Bundesliga! After years of playing regional leagues and holding a winners playoff to award the German futsal champion, the next season will mark the start of a national futsal championship in Germany for the first time.

Futsal Focus has covered this story on a number of occasions and we recommend reading these articles here and here, to get more acquainted with the situation.

TSV Weilimdorf last champion of the old format

But before we get familiar with the teams that will form the new Futsal Bundesliga, it is very well worth noting that the 20/21 German futsal champion, for the second time in their history, is TSV Weilimdorf!

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On the way to the title, TSV Weilimdorf won their Regional league to qualify for the national playoff. Once there, in the quarterfinals, they have defeated Fortuna Düsseldorf 4:2. Weilimdorf repeated this victory in the semifinal against TSG 1846 Mainz Futsal, and finally, in the grand finals, TSV Weilimdorf pipped HSV-Panthers 3:1.

All of their opponents in this playoff run are also the new Bundesliga members as their Regional league winners.

FutsalFeed staff wishes to congratulate everyone at TSV Weilimdorf on this success!

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Futsal Bundesliga with 10 teams

The new German Futsal Bundesliga will consist of 10 teams. Each of the teams that took part in the last national playoffs has been automatically qualified to the new Futsal Bundesliga.

These teams are TSV Weilimdorf, HSV-Panthers, MCH Futsal Club Sennestadt, TSV 1846 Mainz Futsal, Hot 05 Futsal, Fortuna Düsseldorf, 1894 Berlin, and Futsal Club Penzberg. They were joined by Wakka Eagles who qualified to the Futsal Bundesliga as the second-placed team in the Regionalliga-Nord.

The last team that qualified to become the founding members of the Futsal Bundesliga and who made their way to the elite through a playoff series is Stuttgarter Futsal Club.

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Although the official news bulletin from the DFB does not mention when exactly does the new Futsal Bundesliga start, the German futsal regional division usually started in early October.

The last Bundesliga matchday will be on 26 or 27 March 2022. The best 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs and the first Bundesliga champion will be crowned in late May 2022.

The bottom team in the league will relegate to one of the five regional divisions, while the 9th positioned team will compete against 5 regional divisions champions for a spot in next season's Bundesliga.

We're definitely looking forward to the next season!

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