In the shadow of the World Cup: Qualifications for Futsal Euro 2022 starts today

With Equatorial Guinea beating Mauricius (4:2) and Marocco defeating Libia (3:0), the last rounds of the FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifications have started.

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Today, the Elite round of European qualifications starts (famous Portuguese coach Tiago Polito gave us predictions for all four Groups), and in their shadow, the Qualifications for the UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 will also start today.

The record 50 European countries (out of 55 UEFA members) will participate at the UEFA Euro 2022, and 34 of them will play in first, „Qualifying round“ that will be held in nine different countries.

Six groups (from A to F) have four teams, and three groups (from G to I) have three teams.

The winners of nine groups will advance to the Qualifying group stage (that will be played in 2021), the second-placed teams, as well as the best third-placed teams, will play the Qualifying round play-offs in April 2020.

So, before you get confused with this not so simple Euro 2022 qualification system, check out the schedule and venues for the first qualification phase that starts today (winners go to the second round, and best second-placed teams as well as the five best third-placed teams go to the playoffs for the second round.