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8 Postulates to become a top futsal goalkeeper


To become a top futsal goalkeeper, a few things should be recognized. It is a huge misconception that a goalkeeper can become very good merely with physical training. Training defines the skill level of a goalkeeper, and that means they can be good and bad.

Well-adopted skills represent prerequisites for a top goalkeeper, while on the other hand, lousy training leads to acquiring bad habits, which become apparent sooner rather than later.

However, for highest achievements, a goalkeeper must possess the following characteristics:



Discipline means complying with the sports lifestyle and subjecting one's own to will to the will, needs, and demands of the club.



Will is a characteristic a goalkeeper has to possess. It is trained in time (with professional supervision) because every goalkeeper during their career meets various psychological and physical obstacles they have to solve individually or with some professional help.


Dusan Matic futsal goalkeeper coach



Courage is a property that helps to overpower negative emotional states caused by fatigue, pain, difficulties... Possible fear of opponents, the ball, defeat, and so on, can be prevailed by training and matches with the help of professional supervision.



Determination is a feature that helps to find a solution and apply it most efficiently, even in the most challenging situations.


5.Willing efforts

Willing efforts represent qualities that every goalkeeper must possess if they want to be the best. Every successful overbearing of the sense of fatigue, training regime, and potential threat shows the enormous desire of a goalkeeper to work and persevere in their work.


6.The incentive

The incentive is a property that is displayed in the ability to take responsibility. A goalkeeper who possesses that quality has a positive influence on the team and "encourages" team members, while a passive goalkeeper has a destructive effect.


Dusan Matic futsal goalkeeper coach



Talent is something each goalkeeper must possess. Some goalkeepers are more talented than others, but that quality by itself does not guarantee success since it gives full potentials only when combined with hard work and training. Talent without work does not affect.


8.Goal setting

Goal setting is one of the critical characteristics of a goalkeeper's intention to become competent, excellent, or a goalkeeper at the national team level.


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