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All teams qualified for the 2021 World Cup so far...

After the second European playoff match between the Czech Republic and Croatia, we got the 13th participant at 2021 World Cup that will be held from 12th September to 3rd October 2021 in Lithuania.

The Czech Republic is the 5th European country qualified for the World Cup.

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The last European participant will be known after the postponed second-leg playoff match between Finland and Serbia.

Czechia won their place in Lithuania after the thrilling two-leg match-up with Croatia, winning them after the penalties. 

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We will know all the participants of the World Cup after AFC Championship (23d March – 3rd April 2021) and CONCACAF Championship (TBD)

AFC (Asia): 5 teams (TBD)
CAF (Africa): Angola, Egypt, Morocco
CONCACAF (North America): 4 teams (TBD)
COMNEBOL (South America): Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela
OFC (Oceania): Solomon Islands
UEFA (Europe): The Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, 1 team (Finland/Serbia TBD)