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FIFA Volta 21 review – futsal in the most popular football simulation in the world!

The fact that futsal is becoming increasingly popular on a global level proves one of the world's most popular video-games FIFA 21. The second year in a row EA Sports has implemented futsal in its popular football simulation game series!

Just like in FIFA 20, futsal will be incorporated in the FIFA Volta mode.

FIFA 21, the 28th edition of FIFA series will be released on 9th October 2020 for three consoles and PC, and Kylian Mbappe was confirmed as the cover star for all editions.

Producers have already announced some gameplay modifications and new options, especially ones related to the „Career mode“. However, in this Originals, we will focus on FIFA Volta Football mode since we are futsal website and futsal is incorporated in it 😊


FIFA VOLTA is EA Sports FIFA playing mode introduced in last year's version of the game, FIFA 20. Volta is a kind of successor to FIFA Street games series that lasted from 2005 to 2013 (four editions, and the last one FIFA Street 4 was the most popular one).

According to FIFA 20's creative director Matt Prior, the addition of street football was "one of the most-asked-for features" from those who play the game.

It's a return to street football for the FIFA franchise and we're really excited to be in places where street football is rooted. Authenticity, creativity and culture are all things we wanted to bring to Volta“, said Jeff Antwi, Volta producer.

Volta is the Portuguese word for „return“.

For millions of people around the world, the streets are their stadium“, said Antwi.

So, in FIFA Volta you can use players such as Messi, Neymar, C. Ronaldo and others, and return (volta) them to their roots when they were young and played street football.

In FIFA 21 Volta there are five different game types – 3vs3 Rush (without a goalkeeper), 4vs4, 4vs4 Rush (without a goalkeeper), 5vs5 and most importantly - the professional futsal mode!

Players can play FIFA Volta as a regular game, against their friends or AI on different arenas around the world like Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, London, Rio, Rome, Tokyo and others (the total of 22 different venues from all around the globe).

You can also choose to play with walls or without them on some venues (not in futsal mode, of course) and to adjust the size of the pitch,

There is also a VOLTA Story Mode in which you create your unique player and lead him or her through the street football world to the highest glory.

There is also an online option, where you can play Volta against the players from all around the world. Thus, there are indications that Volta could be implemented in the FIFA eSports scene which will bring the even bigger focus of the global FIFA and eSports audience on it.

Fifa Volta 21 review

According to Antwi, the Lead producer of Volta Football, they have incorporated the ability to play with friends online with „VOLTA SQUADS“. This is a new way to play by having teams of up to 4 friends or by dropping in with the community of other „VOLTA FOOTBALL“ players in 5-a-side Online Team Play.

You can connect with friends through a new VOLTA STADIUM HUB that brings your squad and customized Avatars to the center of action before challenging your opponents, climbing the ranks and earning rewards through weekly events“, stated Antwi.

Just like in regular FIFA mode, producers have improved gameplay to increase small-sided football experiences. They also included improvements to AI behaviour „in order to create more dynamic opportunities in attack, updates to the Skill Moves system, and Agile Dribbling. We’ve also refreshed the blocking system with the goal of creating more rewarding 1 on 1 situations on both sides of the pitch“.

Also, in Volta 21 you can recruit some of the biggest names from the world of football and beyond to your Volta squad in the new feature „BATTLES MODE“.

The detailed list of the new features in FIFA 21 Volta Football you can find HERE.

To conclude, it is a great thing to have our sport included again in one of the world's most popular video-games.