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FIFA World Cup Finals: Futsal vs Football

By Doug Reed (@DougReedFutsal)

Futsal and football are often compared so we thought we’d take a look at some of the statistics and facts from each sport’s biggest event. The data was taken from the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup and the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup.

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After seeing all the comparisons let us know anything you found unexpected or interesting.



Futsal: Colombia, South America

Football: Russia, Europe


Number of Games

Futsal: 52 Over 21 Days

Football: 64 Over 31 Days


Average Goals Per Game

Futsal: 6.8 goals

Football: 2.6 goals *62% fewer


Average Shots

Futsal: 87 shots per game

Football: 25 shots per game *71% fewer


Goals in the Final

Futsal: 9 (5-4 Argentina-Russia)

Football: 6 (4-2 France-Croatia) *37% fewer


Top Goalscorer

Futsal: Ricardinho (Portugal) 12 goals

Football: Harry Kane (England) 6 goals *50% fewer


Average Fouls

Futsal: 14 fouls per game

Football: 27 fouls per game *93% more


Average Cards Per Game

Futsal: Yellow 2.9 Red 0.2

Football: Yellow 3.4 Red 0.06 *17% more/70% fewer



Futsal: 140,000 (2,680 per match)

Football: 3,031,000 (47,370 per match) *2065% more(1668% more)


Number of Participants

Futsal: 24 (UEFA:7, AFC:5, CONMEBOL: 4, CONCACAF: 4, CAF:3 OFC:1)

Football: 32 (UEFA:14, AFC:5 CONMEBOL:5, CONCACAF:3, CAF:5, OFC:0)


Where did the quarter-finalists come from?

Futsal: UEFA 4 (Azerbaijan, Portugal, Russia, Spain); CONMEBOL 2 (Argentina, Paraguay); AFC 1 (Iran); CAF 1 (Egypt)

Football: UEFA 6 (Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Russia, Sweden); CONMEBOL 2 (Brazil, Uruguay)


Futsal World Cup Final Classification (Football World Cup Finishing Position)

Champions: Argentina (Round of 16)

Runners-Up: Russia (Quarter-Finals)

3rd Place: Iran (Group Stage)

4th Place: Portugal (Round of 16)


Football World Cup Final Classification (Futsal World Cup Finishing Position)

Champions: France (Did Not Qualify)

Runners-Up: Croatia (Did Not Qualify)

3rd Place: Belgium (Did Not Qualify)

4th Place: England (Did Not Qualify)


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