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TOP 5 Futsal Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

Here are TOP 5 futsal Twitter accounts you need to follow.



This is the account of renowned futsal web portal that was founded back in 1997. It provides information from across the world of futsal including news, results, live streaming links and much more. If you follow only one futsal account then this is the one to follow.



Spanish futsal journalist Gustavo Muñana provides all the latest from one of the world´s most important futsal countries. If you want to know what is going on in Spain´s LNFS league that features clubs such as FC Barcelona then this is the person to follow. He posts in Spanish but Twitter´s translator provides a reasonable interpretation.


This account is run by Japan based futsal fanatic Steve Harris. He provides information on everything futsal related from across the whole of Asia. It is a region of growing importance in the global futsal eco-system and one you will want to keep up to speed with. An additional tip is to like the popular Facebook group “Futsal Japan” which actually covers the whole of Asia and generates some interesting debates in the comments of posts.


This is the official account for Brazil’s Liga Nacional De Futsal and includes lots of highlight videos from one of the world’s top leagues. Our personal favourite is the weekly Top 5 Goals where you are guaranteed to see something special. Great place to not only view some of the current world’s superstars but also those of the future. With Brazil exporting a lot of its talent, you will get a glimpse of the future players who will shine in Europe’s elite clubs.


The England International player writes a popular blog at his website on various issues on the sport from topics as varied as tactics to marketing. On Twitter he shares lots of the best futsal content from around the world, saving you the effort of having to source it for yourself.


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