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Who would win the title if the national championships end up – today?

The world is currently immobilized due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak that has impacted almost every industry on the globe, and one of the industries that has suffered the most is the sports industry.

Currently, there are only a few sports competitions that are still being played in the world.

Maybe the only world's country that is completely resisting the current pandemic is Belarus which didn't ban their national sports competitions. Therefore, Belarus futsal championship is the only futsal championship that is currently still being played in the world.

In Europe, all of the leagues have been postponed. Slovakia has declared Lučenec as the new champion (Lučenec won the main round with 12 wins in 12 games and with goal-difference of 111:31), as well as Austria (Allstar Wiener Neustadt), Finland (Akaa), Lithuania (Vytis), Luxemburg (Diffedange 03) and Belgium who declared Charleroi new champion but Halle-Gooik appealed to that decision since they have five points and one game less than Charleroi.

The last country that finished the competition and declared champion is the Czech Republic. So, ERA-PACK Chrudim won its 15th title, ending the league with three points more than Interobal Plzen, and five more than current champion Sparta Prag.

There is also an example of England which FA has cancelled the complete 2019/20 season, even though the best England club and league leader Helvecia protested against that decision.

How the futsal championships across the globe will develop we currently cant know.

However, we decided to „play“ a little bit, and see who would win the title if national federations declare champions based on the current standings, just like Slovaks, Czechs and Belgians did.

Just to note, we didn't put countries like Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, China, etc. on the list, countries that didn't start their national championships in 2020 (due to coronavirus), as well as Germany (that plays its championship in a cup format) and countries who share very little information about domestic futsal leagues on World Wide Web (please send us detailed information about leagues we have missed to mention).

Albania: Tirana

Armenia: Leo

Austria: Allstars Wiener Neustadt (already declared as the champion)

Azerbaijan: Araz

Belgium: Charleroi (already declared as the champion)

Belarus: BCH Gomel (still playing)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Salines Tuzla City

Bulgaria: Cherno More

Croatia: Olmissum

Czech Republic: Chrudim (already declared as the champion)

Denmark: Gentofte

Finland: Akaa (already declared as the champion)

France: Paris 92

Greece: AEK Athens

Georgia: Georgians Tbilisi

Hungary: Berettyoujfalu

Indonesia: Black Steel

Italy: Italservice Pesaro

Iran: Mes Sungun

Kazakhstan: Kairat

Latvia: Petrow

Lithuania: Vytis (already declared as the champion)

Luxemburg: Differdange 03 (already declared as the champion)

Macedonia: Škupi 1927

Montenegro: Titograd

Morocco: CFSS Feth Settat

Netherlands: Hovocubo

Norway: Utleira

Poland: Bielsko-Biala

Portugal: Sporting Lisboa

Romania: United Galati

Russia: CPRF (two points and one game more than Yugra)

Serbia: Red Star

Slovakia: Lučenec (already declared as champion)

Slovenia: Dobovec

Spain: Inter Movistar

Sweden: Hammarby (won the main round, but lost in the first semi-final game against Uddevalla)

Ukraine: Kherson

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