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Tactical Futsal Analysis: How did Portugal outplay Czechia?

In his debut column for FutsalFeed, Olmissum's assistant coach Marin Jukić analyses tactical aspects of Portugal's second match against the Czech Republic in UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 qualifiers. He analyzed the Portuguese style of play using Once Video Analyser PRO video analysis tool.

After Portugal won 4 points from two games against Poland, we saw the same scenario in the "rehearsal" with the Czech Republic. Both UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 qualifying matches were played in Polish Lodz.

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In the first match, we saw an unexpected draw 3:3. Unexpected for me, personally. But in the second match, there was no uncertainty, and things fell into place.

From the first minute, Portugal was the more dominant team on the court and showed superiority in all game segments through a mix of systems both in attack and defence.

Playing aggressively, responsibly in defence with pressing on the ball and timely takeovers, they did not give the Czechs a chance for a new surprise.

The Portuguese attacking style varied depending on the players on the floor, but we mostly watched a mix of 4-0 and 3-1 systems.

They attacked well behind the opponent's back with deep balls in parallel or diagonal. At the same time, the Czechs opened up space behind their backs in many situations due to poor communication and visualization.

Portuguese players knew how to recognize and use positions on the court with their quality. They were patient and calm on the ball. With a lot of movement, they opened the space for their players and outplayed Czechs.

I decided to analyze one segment of their game and tried to present it through a video in the simplest way for everyone to understand. We see a clear idea in the game where and how to attack: deep runs, pivot use, or 1v1 play.

Since I am not versed in the tactical ideas of any team's menu, the analysis is my personal opinion about the match and events on the field using ONCE VIDEO ANALYSER PRO.

The analysis was made with Once Video Analyser PRO, a user-friendly video analysis tool with 3D animated elements and TV-like graphics. You can use it for both tagging and drawing, eliminating the need to use more than one software to create a professional live or post-match analysis. If you want to try it, there is a 14-day free trial available at

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Marin Jukić


Marin Jukić


Marin Jukić is a licensed UEFA "A" football coach and UEFA Futsal "B" training program, 2021 participant. He is a football and futsal coach since 2014. Currently, he is an assistant coach of Croatian futsal club Olmissum, a head coach of Olmissum's B team, and a head coach of Olmissum's U-19 team.
On, he will write about tactical aspects of futsal using the Once Video Analyser PRO video analysis tool.