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Details that decided the UFCL semifinal winners

Once again, the assistant coach of MNK Olmissum, the current futsal champions of Croatia, Mr. Marin Jukić brings us another tactical video analysis. This time he tackled the two semifinal matches of the UEFA Futsal Champions League final tournament that is being held in Zadar and will end tonight with a clash between Barça and Sporting CP.

These two teams reached the competition's final taking two different paths, and Mr. Marin Jukić analyzed just how different. We'll let you to it...


Very interesting duels of the UEFA Futsal Champions League semifinals were decided by set-pieces in one match, and the individual player's quality in the other.

I made a brief analysis of the key moments in both matches, and I believe that you will agree with me after checking out the video analysis.

Sporting CP in the finals thanks to good set-piece strategy

In the match between Sporting CP and Inter FS, set-pieces brought the competition finals to one team but took it away for the other. Set pieces have definitely set the course of the match and the final score.

The number of defensive mistakes on the highest level of futsal in Europe was unexpected but they have happened nevertheless.

As for the set-piece situations that I have analyzed, Sporting CP showed a great variety of possibilities when talking about kick-ins, corner-kicks, and free-kicks in the shot zone.

Inter FS also showed a number of interesting solutions, but they were somewhat less accurate in the final phase of the play.

Goalkeepers made mistakes on both ends, as did the defenses that created the free space for shots and easy goals with their bad formations, which is made clear in the video analysis.

Individual quality of Ferrao crucial for Barça

In the match between Barça and Kairat, we saw a somewhat tougher match with fewer chances than in the first semifinal.

With three scored goals, Ferrao stood out from the rest of the players and I have analyzed his performance because I believe, like most pundits, that he was the X factor that secured Barça’s another Futsal Champions League final.

For Kairat an enigma, for his teammates a solution in all segments of play.

Ferrao was used to get out of Kairat's high pressing, to attack the opponent's zone, to secure shot opportunities, and most importantly he scored three goals from six shots, showcasing his skills as the best futsal player in the world.


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Marin Jukić


Marin Jukić


Marin Jukić is a licensed UEFA "A" football coach and UEFA Futsal "B" training program, 2021 participant. He is a football and futsal coach since 2014. Currently, he is an assistant coach of Croatian futsal club Olmissum, a head coach of Olmissum's B team, and a head coach of Olmissum's U-19 team.
On, he will write about tactical aspects of futsal using the Once Video Analyser PRO video analysis tool.