Corinthians win the Brazilian futsal Super Cup!

After a true drama in the penalty shoot-out against Pato, Corinthians lift the Brazilian futsal Super Cup trophy for the second consecutive time! With this victory, Corinthians has become the most successful team in this competition that has been around since 2016. Corinthians also secured a berth in the Futsal Copa Libertadores.

Because Corinthians finished last in the three-side group, they had to play the semi-final match against Atlantico on Saturday, while Pato who won the group, had a day off on Saturday. But that proved meaningless to Pato as they could not have outplay Corinthians in the regular time.

In the first half, we saw a lot more agressive and atacking-oriantated play from both teams. However, two goalkeepers Thiago (Pato) and Careca (Corinthians) were very good in the back and did not allow any goals throughout the first half.

In second half, we saw a bit different match, where both teams decided to play much more cautiosly, trying not to give any mistake to their opponent. It "paid off" as the match finished 0-0, and went into extra-time.

Finally, in the first half of extra-time, we saw the first goal in the match! Pato's Tiaguinho stole one ball from the opponent and opened a counter-attack. The ball got rebounded back to him to score a goal with a header and put Pato ahead!

At the very end of the first extra-time, Pato's goalkeeper Thiago misjudged a run and put Corinthians' winger Jackson Samurai in a goal scoring opportunity that he did not miss and Corinthians are leveled!

As we did not see any goals in the second extra-time, the Super Cup final went into penalties and drama is not strong enough of a word to describe it!

Pato scored all of its first four penalties, while Corinthians missed the second one. Pato had to score the fifth to win the Super Cup, but they've missed it! Corinthians then scored the fifth to equalize it the score to 4-4 in penalty shoot-out. In the sixth series, Corinthians' reserve goalkeeper Obina saved the shot, but Corinthians were also unable to convert their penalty into a goal!

In the seventh penalty series, first Pato's player shot wide and then Corinthians managed to put one behind and win 5-4 in the penalty shoot-out to take the Super Cup to Sao Paulo!

Scenes among Corinthians' players, as Pato will feel they could have won this!

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