Petitions Demand Change in English Futsal Governance

After the English Football Association's recent shock decision to axe the national futsal team and reduce funding for futsal by 90%, two petitions have been set up by English futsal supporters to bring pressure to bear on the FA, Sport England, and the UK Government to reverse this calamitous decision.

The first of these, Save Futsal in England, was published two months ago and now has over 5000 signatures. It calls for an investigation and review into:

"...governance across the Football Association that contributed to the choice they have made to all but eliminate the funding of their futsal programs, including the cessation of England national futsal teams and player development pathways for young boys & girls..."

The second petition, Reform English Futsal, was published recently and calls for:

  • Removal of the currently unelected and unrepresentative FA committee members responsible for governing futsal;
  • Reform of English futsal governance by setting up a new body elected by and under the democratic control of futsal stakeholders;
  • Development of transparent communication channels between the futsal governance body and the stakeholders it represents; and
  • Operational and financial independence so that futsal is recognised as a game in its own right and not merely an appendage of football.

The English futsal leagues, clubs, players, and supporters behind these initiatives are urging the worldwide futsal community to support them by signing both petitions.


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