Inter Movistar FS first finalist of the Copa de España

In a fantastic, thrilling match, Inter Movistar secured their spot in the Copa de España final.

Although the first half of the match ended goalless, many futsal enthusiasts watching the match on TV or on stream could have witnessed a fantastic match with plenty of goal-scoring opportunities, great moves, and above all incredible saves by goalkeepers.

Both goalkeepers, J. Herrero for Inter and Chemi for Jimbee Cartagena were at the top of their game and locked their goals.

This was the case all the way up until the 29th minute when D. Saldise finally found a way behind Chemi after a fast transition and a nice passing play.

This was the signal for Jimbee Cartagena to push forward even more in search of that equalizing goal.

Chances came and went as Cartagena's players closed on the Inter's goal. As the match got close to the end, Jimbee Cartagena tried to score with an additional player on the court.

Unfortunately for them, however, Cartagena was unable to penetrate Inter's block and very safe J. Herrero on the goal. Few seconds before full time, Cecilio managed to pluck one ball away and score on the empty goal to seal the victory for Inter Movistar.

The final is on schedule tomorrow, and their opponent will be known a bit later today (21:00 local time) when Levante will face Barcelona.

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