Quick overview of the futsal playoffs across Europe

Futsal season has come to the playoff stage across the 'Old continent' and plenty of league titles will be decided in the coming weeks. FutsalFeed brings you a short overview of the current situation in playoff stages across Europe.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The futsal playoff in the country that produced a fantastic success story in the 2022 UEFA Futsal Qualifiers has almost come to an end. FC Salines Tuzla City and FC Mostar SG are in the final that is played on two victories.

The first match of the final series was played and FC Mostar SG as hosts won the first duel 7-4. The second (possibly final) match of the series on the schedule on 21 April (18:00 local time) in Tuzla.

First match highlights:


The futsal playoff in Slovenia is in the semifinal stage and the first leg has been played! The current champions FK Dobovec defeated FC Bronx Škofije with a 7-1 result in the first match.

The second pair of the semifinal is FC Litija and Siliko Vrhnika. Litija lost the first match at home against Siliko Vrhnika, who qualified for this playoff as the seventh team in the regular season. The first match ended in a 3:2 away victory for Siliko Vrhnika. The series is played on three victories, so nothing is yet done.


The futsal playoff in the small state of Andorra also started last week, but it is played in a mini-league format, consisting of the best six teams from the regular season. Sideco FC Encamp is currently holding the first position, as they are yet to record a draw or a defeat this season. The mini-league should run up until the end of May.


Currently, two teams are in contention in the Hungarian play-off mini-league: Berettyoujfalu and Haladas. Although Haladas took the lead in the regular season, with yesterday's victory against their direct rivals, Berettyoujfalu took the 1-point lead in the mini-league.

Nothing is over as these two teams will face once again at the end.


After a short season, Greek futsal is currently in the semifinal stage of the playoffs.

League leaders AEK are through to the semifinal after a big victory against Salamina. They will face Panathinaikos in the semifinals, who have beaten Ermis Zografou to get there.

The other semifinal pair is Doukas, who defeated Faliro (6-0), and Ikonio, who won against Iniohos (5-1).


Romanian futsal playoff already entered the final stage. A big clash is ahead of us in the coming days between current champions United Galati and league contenders Imperial Wet.

In the first match of the final, Imperial Wet defeated United Galati with a 6-3 victory. However, United Galati responded with a 5-4 away victory, securing it in extra time. The final series is now tied and the next two matches are on schedule on 24 and 25 April.

Czech Republic

The playoff season in the Czech Republic is about to start today! The eight best teams in the country are in contention for the title. Matches that are on today's schedule are Chrudim - Liberec, Svarog - Helas Brno, and the Prague derby between Sparta and Slavia. Interobal Plzen will play the first match against Melnik tomorrow.

Chrudim, Interobal Plzen, and Svarog have won more points in the league than the rest of the teams by some margin, and this one will be very interesting to follow through.


Kairat Almaty is already in the finals, which was to be expected having in mind just how powerful the Kairat team is. A big battle is being waged between Aktobe (2) and Atyrau (3) for a spot in the big final. After Atyrau won the first match 4:3 away, Aktobe struck back with a 5:3 victory. These two teams will play two more matches in Atyrau today and tomorrow.


League favorites Prodexim Kherson are on their way to the finals. All they have to do is defeat the Lviv team for the third time (23 April). However, the other finalist will be decided a bit later, as HIT Kyiv and Uragan have played two matches so far, with each team recording a victory.


The Finish playoff started this weekend, in its quarterfinal stage, with a couple of surprises! The biggest one is that Riemu (8) managed to defeat league leaders Kemi (1), recording a 4:3 victory.

Another surprise is that SoVo (7) defeated ToPV (2) with a nice 5:3 victory. Akaa (4) defeated GFT (5) while playing away and they will have a very nice chance at home in four days' time, just as KaDy (3) will have the same chance against Mad Max (6) after their 6:5 away victory.


Viimsi Smsraha is just one victory away from defending their league title in Estonia. After defeating Tartu Ravens two times in the final series so far (3:1 H, 6:3 A), they have to finish the job at home on 24 April.


Latvian futsal playoff started this weekend in the quarterfinal stage and there were no real surprises in the first leg. All teams will play the return leg tomorrow.

League favorites Petrow (1) recorded a big 10-1 victory against Lokomotiv Daugavpils (8). Jekabpils (2) recorded an even bigger 11-1 victory against Dobele (7).

RABA (3) defeated TFK Salaspils TENTE (6) with a big 8-1 victory, while Nikars (4) recorded a 4-2 victory against Rezekne (5).

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