(HIGHLIGHTS) Cascavel and Campo Mourão open the season with victories

Dear futsal fans from all over the world - the Brazilian national futsal league is back! 2021 season kicked off yesterday with two matches, and two more are on the schedule today.

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Marreco 2-5 Cascavel

A furious opening for the first match of the 2021 LNF season as Cascavel scored three quick goals to take the lead in the Group B. Goals were scored by Alexandre Pintinho, Carlão, and Gustavinho in the space of the first five minutes.

However, just a few minutes later, the hosts responded back by two goals in the same minute thanks to well-placed shots by Giovanny and Café.

Nevertheless, Marreco couldn't produce more goals, while Carlão and Alexandre Pintinho scored their second goals of the evening to start the season with three points for Cascavel Futsal.

Foz Cataratas 3-6 Campo Mourão 

Group C saw the first duel of Foz Cataratas and Campo Mourão that went to the visitor's side who also had a furious opening. Goals by Juninho, Andrezinho, and an own goal by Churrasco have put Campo Mourão in a considerable lead just ten minutes after kick-off.

Gugu Flores softened the blow for For Cataratas, but they could not produce more in the first half. However, at the start of the second half, William and Neto scored for the hosts thus equalizing the match.

But, Campo Mourão's players showed good composure when they bounced back with another three goals in the back of Foz Cataratas' net. Caio Jr., David, and Thomas all scored a goal each to confirm Campo Mourão's first victory of the season.

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