Corinthians tops Magnus for a place in futsal Copa Libertadores

The last two Brazilian futsal Super Cup champions faced each other to decide which team will represent Brazil at the Futsal Copa Libertadores from 1 May to 8 May in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Because the 2020 edition of Copa Libertadores was not held due to Covid-19 reasons, the 2020 Super Cup champions Corinthians faced 2021 Super Cup champions Magnus.

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Corinthians 3-2 Magnus

The special edition of the Brazilian Super Cup was yet another futsal spectacle and thriller. Corinthians managed to record a very important win against Magnus, which was Magnus' first defeat in over a year!

Corinthian's Deives opened the scoring at the very beginning of the match after a fast counter-attack by Timão. However, a few moments later, Magnus equalized after a clumsy reaction by Corinthians' goalkeeper Careca. The ball took a weird deflection and ended up behind his back.

In the second half, the match was very nervous with a lot of fouls. This came back to haunt Magnus as they recorded their sixth accumulative foul by the middle of the half. Jackson Samurai took the free-kick and scored, putting Corinthians once again in front.

However, just a few minutes later, Magnus' Lucas Gomes placed a beautiful shot that found its way behind Careca for another equalizer. Everything in the match was now open for grabs.

But Magnus was forced to concede their first loss in more than a year. Few minutes before the final whistle, Leandro Caires found the back of the net with a well-placed shot that eventually saw his team rise to the top.

The final moments of the match were very aggressive and nervous, resulting in the red card for Corinthians' Éder Lima, but the result did not change.

Corinthians will be the Brazilian representative in the 2021 Futsal Copa Libertadores!


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