KPRF's head coach Zoidze for FutsalFeed: We lacked realization in the attacking activities in the second half

After an exciting second day of the UEFA Futsal Champions League final tournament in Zadar, the participating team's head coaches answered our question on a post-match conference

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Kolesnikov: Not the result we wanted

The first one to take questions was Mr. Vladimir Kolesnikov, Ugra Yugorsk's head coach.

Mr. Kolesnikov, despite the defeat, congratulations on a good match from your team. Ugra had double the number of shots on goal, but went goalless... what was missing for a turnaround?

"Today's result is obviously not what we wanted. I wish to thank all of my players because we intensified the game until the very end and never gave up. We did our best until the end of the match."

"I believe we were on the same level as our rival today."

Gómez: We have minimized the virtues of the Russian team

After that, we asked Inter FS' coach Faustino Pérez-moreno Gómez for the match commentary.

"It was a bit more nervous in the first six, seven, eight minutes. It took us some time to be ourselves, but little by little, we took that burden of responsibility, or anxiety and nerves, and we ended up in the lead in the six or eight minutes until the end of the first part."

"We had very good times, perhaps not as dynamic as in our competition, but very similar. We have somehow minimized the virtues of the Russian team, which plays very well with the pivot, who have very good players for one against one situation."

"And the second part did have had a moment in what you have put us a little further back, they have had a little more possession and intention. But well, I think that the second goal has come very well because it gave us a little more tranquility and from there, well, because they have played goalkeeper and we have defended it frankly well, so very satisfied and I congratulate our team."

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Zoidze: We lacked realization in the attacking activities in the second half 

After the second match between Sporting CP and KPRF, the first one in the post-match conference was Mr. Besik Zoidze, head coach of the KPRF.

Mr. Zoidze, despite the defeat, congratulations on a great match. Just a quick question, did you feel there was a moment where you could have turned the match around?

"Today's game showed that in futsal there are always a hundred crucial situations. Our opponent today scored two goals from the standing situations and they've taken maximum from that."

"We were prepared for this, but Sporting was more successful. During the match, their team played according to the result, they played well in defense. We at the same time had a couple of situations where we could score, but didn't."

"We lacked realization in the attacking activities in the second half – that could be a turning point in the game."

Dias: We have a 50 percent chance of winning against Inter

Finally, Mr. Nuno Dias, Sporting CP's head coach took the hot seat and gave his view of Saturday's clash against Inter FS.

“It will be different from the last few years because they are a much more intense and aggressive team, in a good sense, moves a lot and quickly and is very cohesive. In addition, it is noted that they are a very committed and united team - just like ours - and this, many times, is synonymous with a lot of quality."

“We are cautious about the great difficulties that Inter Movistar FS is going to pose for us. We have a 50 percent chance of winning against Inter FS and we are going to hold on to that 50 percent with all our strength.”

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