Red Dragons Pniewy are Polish Cup champions!

Congratulations to Red Dragons Pniewy who have won the Polish futsal Cup - their club's biggest success so far! In the Cup final they have been better in two matches against Piast Gliwice.

The first match between these two teams, played in the Red Dragons venue, ended in a 3:3 draw. Piast Gliwice took a 3:0 lead at the break, but Red Dragons found a way back to finish the match 3:3.

In the second match of the final, we saw more of the same. A hard-fought match ended in a 3:3 draw, before going into the extra time. After 10 minutes of extra time, there were no goals scored and the match went to the drama of penalties.

Red Dragons Pniewy showed more composure and concentration in the end and won the penalty shootout 4-2, securing the Polish Cup in the process.

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To reach this success, Red Dragons Pniewy defeated Podkowa Lesna in the 1/16-finals with a 5:3 result. In the 1/8-finals they were better than Chojnice with 6:2. Come quarterfinals and they defeated Lubawa 5:2. In the semifinals, Red Dragons were a better team in two matches against Lebork (6:4, 4:4).

Ten Puuuchar jest Naaaaasz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Posted by Red Dragons Pniewy on Monday, 3 May 2021

Once again, congratulations to everyone involved in this success from the FutsalFeed staff!

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