Status of Futsal Championships Across Europe

Hey futsal fans, it's time for another Tour de Europan Futsal Playoffs! We'll take a look at what stage the European nations currently are with their futsal championships.

If you see that some nation is not included in this review it means that we could not find the accurate information and we invite you to get in touch with us to update the list. These countries are listed at the bottom of the article.

But first things first, we have to mention the clubs that have already won their national futsal championships.

2020/2021 Champions:

  • Austria: ASKÖ FC Diamant Linz
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: FC Mostar SG Staklorad
  • Cyprus: APOEL Nicosia Futsal
  • Denmark: JB Futsal Gentofte
  • Estonia: Viimsi FC Smsraha
  • Greece: Doukas
  • Lithuania: Žalgiris Kaunas
  • Poland: BTS Rekord Bielsko-Biała
  • Romania: Imperial Wet
  • Sweden: IFK Göteborg Futsal

And now the European futsal championships overview sorted alphabetically.


A six-club futsal playoff mini-league is currently being played in Andorra with two more rounds of futsal to be played. SIDECO FC Encamp is in a good position to win the league as they have a five points advantage over the second-placed Atlètic Club Escaldes.

These two clubs will play each other in the next round (17 May) which could potentially decide the championship winner.


The Armenian futsal championship reached its final stage! Number 1 seed Ararat-Armenia-FZ will face Leo in the final series which will take place on 17 and 24 May!

Leo is the defending champion of Armenia.


The Belarus futsal championship reached its quarterfinal stage after the 1/8-finals were played.

Defending champions and number one seed in the playoffs, VITEN Orsha will face Dorozhnik Minsk. VRZ Gomel will face Borisov, Stolitsa Minsk will play against Minsk, and BCH will face Dynamo BNTU.

The quarterfinals will be played sometime this week(end) as the 1/8-finals were just played yesterday.


FC Cherno More is currently sitting at the top of the Bulgarian futsal table with, what seems like, one match to go and three points advantage. Their next (and final?) match is on schedule on 13 May against FC Cherno More Mania


As reported earlier, one finalist of the Croatian futsal championship is known, while we will have to wait for the other one until Friday evening (14 May).

Defending champions Olmissum defeated Futsal Dinamo in the semifinal series and now awaits the winner of the duel between Novo Vrijeme Makarska and Crnica Šibenik.

The final series is played on three victories.

Czech Republic

SK Interobal Plzen and FK Chrudim are on course for the final stage as two top seed teams in the Czech Republic, but they still have to work their way to get there.

The Plzen team will play later today (12 May) against Slavia Prague and they'll try to reach the third victory in a row for a flawless semifinal run.

FK Chrudim lost their last match against Svarog after penalties and their next match is on schedule on 14 May.


Finnish futsal championship reached its final stage! The final series will be contested by number one seed in the league FC Kemi and number three seed Kampuksen Dynamo.

The final series will be played from 15 May.


French futsal championship is still in its regular-season stage with three more rounds to go. The top four teams will contest the playoff and currently, only ACCS Asniers-Villeneuve 92 and Mouvaux Lille Metropole Futsal are mathematically there, while fiercely battling for the top position in the league table. 

Paris ACASA is one point away from the playoffs, while a number of clubs are in contention for that final position for the playoffs.


Defending champions Tbilisi State University tops the table this year as well. Georgian futsal championship is still in its regular-season stage with three more rounds to go before the playoff which will be contested by the top four teams.


Gibraltar started with its 2021 futsal championship just recently and the first five rounds have been played. The championship continues on 15 May and will last until 26 June when, we believe, a playoff will take place after each team plays each other once.

Current champions Lynx are currently fourth, with Mons Calpe, Europa, and South United lead the pack.


Strap yourselves in, we're in for a big finale in Hungary. The playoff mini-league contested between the top five teams in the country is slowly coming to an end.

Haladás VSE is just one point ahead of the current champions MVFC Berettyóújfalu. Their direct duel on 17 May is the last round of the championship and a duel that will decide the winner of the Hungarian futsal championship.


From the current data available, the Israeli futsal championship started recently. The championship is divided into four groups of four teams, but neither group is yet resolved, with new matches on schedule in the coming days.


The Italian futsal championship is in the quarterfinal stage with the first legs already played, except for the match between Feldi Eboli and Padova which got postponed due to Covid reasons.

Today, 12 May, quarterfinal return legs will be played.


The Kosovar futsal championship is still in its regular-season stage with one round of futsal left to play. The top four teams will contest the playoffs, with the semifinal and final round being played on three victories.

FC Prishtina Mabetex, the current champions, are topping the table with just a one-point advantage in front of FC Liburn.


The futsal championship in Latvia is in its final series which will be contested between the defending champions FC Petrow/Jelgava and FK Raba.

The final series will be played on three victories and the first match is on schedule for 12 May.


The futsal championship in Luxembourg is in its regular-season stage that should be completed by the end of May. The championship is contested in two league groups and afterward, a playoff series will start.

FC Differdange 03, the current champions, are topping the table at Group A, recording only victories so far. Group B is topped by Union Titus Futsal who has an almost perfect win record for now.


The current futsal championship in Malta is in recess, but a system was devised, which was agreed upon by all the clubs in the league, that will allow for the championship to continue on 16 June.

The curtailed futsal league format as agreed by all clubs to bring this season to a close. Resuming 16th June.

Posted by Futsal Malta on Sunday, 9 May 2021


Montenegrian futsal championship is in its regular-season stage with two more rounds to go. It is unknown (to us) if the playoff will be played because it usually was played in recent years but it wasn't played in the last season.

Current champions KMF Titograd are at the top position this time as well, with five points advantage over Bajo Pivljanin and two rounds to go that will be played in the next two weeks.

KMF Titograd has a chance to secure the title (or at least the number one seed in potential playoffs) once again in the next week.


After 30 rounds of futsal in Portugal, the playoff quarterfinals finally started this past weekend. The return legs will be played this coming weekend. European champions Sporting CP are also the number one seed in the playoffs, finishing the league stage just two points ahead of Benfica SL.

In the first quarterfinal leg, all of the favorites (as per their playoff berth) recorded victories while traveling away. Benfica defeated Braga 4-1, Sporting won against Portimonense 8-1, Leões ousted Módicus after penalties 6-5, and Fundão was better than Viseu 2001 with 2-0 victory.

Return legs are on schedule for 15 May.


As recently reported on, the Russian playoff season is about to start. The quarterfinals are played on three victories, with two matches being played day-for-day at the home of the better-seeded team.

Quarterfinal pairings are Norilsky Nickel - Novaja Generacija, Sinara - Torpedo, Tyumen - Dynamo Samara, and KPRF - Gazprom Ugra.

The first matches are on schedule for 14 May, with the second legs being played immediately on 15 May.

San Marino

The Sammarinese futsal championship was postponed back in October due to Covid. But, the championship will continue on 20 May.

The teams in the championship are divided into two groups, and when each team plays each other once the playoff will commence.

Current champions Fiorentino Futsal are on course in Group A, but equally good results are recorded by La Fiorita Futsal in Group B.


The Serbian futsal championship is in its semifinal stage with the first leg of the semifinals already played. The current champions, KMF Crvena Zvezda is out of the picture not even qualifying for the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, KMF FON Beograd defeated KMF Konjarnik 5-2 at home in the first semifinal leg, while KMF Vranje defeated KMF Novi Pazar 2-0, away from home. The second semifinal leg is on schedule for 15 May.


After being postponed in October of 2020, the Slovakian futsal championship continued recently with its league stage. Current champions Lučenec are once again on course as they top the division with a maximum record.

After the league stage of the championship is completed, the first four teams will qualify for the playoff.


Current champions and UEFA Champions League Final Eight participants FK Dobovec are on course for another playoff final in Slovenia. They have defeated Bronx Škofije twice already in the semifinals and on 13 May they have the first chance to clinch the spot in the finals.

In the other semi-final, FC Litija is playing against Siliko Vrhnika and the series is currently tied, 1-1. Their next match is on the schedule for 14 May.


The Spanish futsal league is still in its league stage that officially still has three more rounds to go. However, due to some Covid postponements, some teams have a few more matches to play to catch with the rest of the pack and the playoff picture is far from complete.

The top eight teams will qualify for the playoff, and although some of them, like Levante, Palma Futsal, Jimbee Cartagena, ElPozo Murcia, Barca, and Inter FS are deemed safe, the same cannot be said for the final few positions that lead to the playoff. Not to mention the incredible battle at the top of the division for a good playoff berth.


Prodexim Kherson, the current futsal champions of Ukraine, find themselves in a bit of trouble as they lost the first two matches of the final series against Uragan. The first two matches that were played at Kherson's venue ended in a 3-2 and 2-0 Uragan victories.

Possibly the final match of the final series is on the schedule for 17 May, when we will know if we have a new futsal champion in Ukraine, or if Prodexim Kherson will be given another chance to turn things around.

During the Covid crisis earlier this year and in late 2020, some national footballing associations decided to abandon the national futsal championship and proclaim no champions. These countries are Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland.

Despite our best efforts, we couldn't find accurate information on futsal championships held in Albania, Azerbaijan, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Moldova, Scotland, Turkey, and Wales. If you have any information about any of these championships, please get in touch so we can update the list for every futsal fan to see.

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