(HIGHLIGHTS) Inter and ElPozo for Spanish Copa del Rey Trophy!

After successfully surpassing their obstacles in the semifinal of the Spanish Copa del Rey, ElPozo Murcia and Inter FS will play later today in the final of this major Cup. ElPozo Murcia defeated Levante after penalties, while Inter was better than Santa Coloma.

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Levante UD FS 3-3(p) ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida

The match started a bit downhill for Levante as their goalkeeper Fede got sent off in 9'. Marcel expressly took advantage of this situation, scoring for ElPozo Murcia in the same minute and putting his team in the lead.

However, just five minutes later, Maxi Rescia puts things back on the start with a goal of his own. Regardless, F. Valerio scored before halftime for Murcia's lead at the break.

Thanks to Levante's pressing at the start of the second half, Murcia's goalkeeper Juanjo conceded an own goal at the restart. F. Valerio then scored his second of the day to get back in the lead, but Rubi Lemos scored for Levante to equalize the match in the very last minute.

During the penalties, ElPozo Murcia's players were perfect scoring all of their shots, while Levante missed two penalties, which eventually got them knocked out of the competition.

Movistar Inter FS 2-1 Industrias Santa Coloma

Cardona opened the match in the best possible fashion for Santa Coloma - with a goal for the lead in 6'.

However, just before halftime, Eric Martel equalized for Movistar Inter FS for a more relaxed break. The only goal in the second half was scored thanks to an effort by Lucas Tripodi in 35'.

This proved to be a winning goal for Inter who will face ElPozo Murcia later today. The final match is on schedule for 20:30 local time.

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