Serbia: Double Crown for KMF Fon!

After lifting the Serbian Futsal Cup trophy in April, KMF Fon also won this season's Serbian futsal championship! Their rival in the final series was KMF Novi Pazar, the same as in the Cup final, and again KMF Fon proved victorious for a new trophy in their archive.

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KMF Fon was the most successful team in the league stage of the championship, with KMF Novi Pazar lurking just behind them on the league table. As two best teams, they were given a direct pass to the playoff semifinals.

Once there, KMF Fon defeated KMF Konjarnik two times for a quick and clean series, while Novi Pazar had some minor troubles against KMF Vranje, securing the final after the third match.

The final series was quite exciting as it was decided only after the final, fifth match of the series which Fon won 5:3.

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After the cup title, KMF Fon's season ended in a fantastic way and they're already setting their sights on the next season of the UEFA Futsal Champions League.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful season from FutsalFeed's staff!

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