France: Champions in trouble of getting relegated?

Shocking news from France where the French Football Federation started a process to relegate the new champions ACCS to the Second Division because of administrative issues following their title winning campaign.

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It is said that the ACCS board will appeal against this decision, so the matter is definitely not closed. However, if the decision gets confirmed, ACCS' place in the UEFA Futsal Champions League will be taken by Mouvaux Lille Metropole, who finished second, just behind ACCS.

This news comes after superstar player Carlos Ortiz's and coach Velasco's departure from the club.

Whatever the result of the appeal and the future processes, we hope to see a few of these situations as possible in futsal. Nevertheless, in an official communique from the club, the ACCS board is confident that they will play the First Division next season, including the UEFA Futsal Champions League as they continue to prepare for the next season in this fashion.

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