Spain: Barcelona ties the final series!

As the whole season was not exciting enough, the final series of the Spanish LNFS has come down boiling down to a final match that will decide the championship winner on Wednesday (30 June). Barça survived the away match in Valencia and defeated Levante with a 4-3 away victory to bring the final series back to Barcelona where a Spanish futsal champion will be decided.

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It took a while for the match to open up. Finally, Dyego scored for Barcelona's lead in the 15' of the match with an attractive and well-placed shot after a corner kick. Barça took the lead to the break.

Soon after the restart, Gallo found the back of the net after a nice assist by Esteban. Barça regained the lead in the closing stage of the match. In 34' Dyego scored again when he robbed Rivillos out of possession and effectively found the back of the net.

Levante surged ahead with five men in the court to score. But André Coelho extended Barça's lead with a well-placed shot from his own box on an empty net. A similar scenario happened again just a few moments later when Adolfo took a ball away from Levante's attackers and passed the ball to Marcenio who couldn't miss on an empty net.

Levante's Rivillos softened the blow in 39' with a powerful shot and Rafa Usin even scored a fantastic goal from a small angle with 37 seconds left on the clock to keep us on our toes until the very end.

Unfortunately for Levante and fortunately for Barça - there were no more goals in this match and Barça could celebrate a big victory that will move the final series back to Barcelona for the decider.

The championship's last match will be played this Wednesday in a sold-out venue in Barcelona (30 June).

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