Spain: Barcelona Lifts the LNFS Trophy!

A tremendously exciting finale of an extremely fun and exciting futsal season in the Spanish LNFS. After losing and then tying the final playoff series, Barcelona Futbol Sala won the deciding match against Levante UD FS and won the national title for the fifth time in their history!

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Barça 5(2-2)4 Levante UD FS

With everything on the line, both teams entered the match cautiously, but that does not mean that we saw a boring opening stage of the match. 

Barcelona's Ximbinha was close to scoring when he hit the post, while Ferrao's effort was blocked by Levante's defense. On the other side, Rubi Lemos' powershot was stopped by Barcelona's goalkeeper Didac and the first half ended goalless.

But immediately after the restart, Levante was up ahead. Pedro Toro welcomed a rebounded ball from an earlier volley and found the back of the net behind Didac without too much trouble.

Barcelona was on an all-out attack for the rest of the half, with a number of goal-scoring opportunities. Ferrao was once again close to scoring but it was his time to hit the post. Levante also could have extended their lead, but one of their opportunities got cleared from the goal line.

And in the very last minute of the match, when Levante was already holding one hand on the trophy, Daniel scored for Barcelona as the fifth man in the court and celebrated a goal with delighted Barcelona fans.

In the first half of extra time - another twist! Levante's players responded fantastically, started to play immediately with five players on the court and Rafa Usin scored from distance for another Levante lead. 

And in the second half of extra time it was Barcelona's time to shine again. With pressure exerted with five man on the court, Matheus was left alone on the top of the box after a nice team passing play and his effort found the back of the net.

Penalty shoot-out provided more of the drama, but one team had to win it eventually. As Ferrao scored the first penalty kick, his counterpart from Levante Pedro Toro missed.

The penalty shoot-out was back to start when Esquerdinha missed the third kick, while Rivillos equalized for Levante. And it all came boiling down to the 6th penalty kick. Barcelona's Daniel scored and Levante's Esteban shot was stopped by Didac, his second penalty stop of the shoot-out.

A dramatic end to a fantastic match in a great final series and tremendous futsal season.

Congratulations to both of the teams for a proper futsal spectacle, but special kudos to Barcelona's players and staff for the championship title!

Statements and Reactions

“We kept our identity and we fought until the end. Before the match we commented that nobody gave us and chances in December and little by little we grew throughout the season. This team is made to win, shows dedication, and fights until the last second." said Ferrao immediately after the match.

The Barça player added that: “I am very happy with what we have done and with how it has been, the more difficult it is, the more you value it. Now it's time to enjoy it”.

Levante's Argentine international Maxi Rescia had this to say: "The defeat is very sad because of how the game was played, having it almost won 40 seconds before the end of the second half and extra time. Sport sometimes gives and sometimes takes away and today it wasn't mean to be. We went to penalties against one of the best teams in the world and we did everything to win."

Diego Ríos, Levante UD FS coach said after the match that his team had the league trophy in sight and that they're angry because they were so close but left empty-handed. He also added that despite everything he is proud of his players and that only after some time they will realize what big things they have achieved as a team.

After stating that he hopes that the fans and city of Valencia will be proud of everything that Levante did in this season, Quico Catalán, president of Levante UD FS said that “today is one more step in maturity, in our growth as a section, in the growth of futsal, in players growth as futsalers. To win finals, you first have to lose them and I think we've lost it in a special way. We have been a great team until the last moment and we have had an overwhelming personality."

Andreu Plaza, Barcelona's coach was very clear and short in his statement: "I am very happy. I achieved the dream of any futsal coach in the world."

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