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Top 13 football clubs with futsal sections + 1

Futsal is a sport that is developing at a rapid pace, not just in the global scene, but also in Europe, the continent that has a long tradition of playing futsal. Besides traditional futsal countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, and some Southeast Europe states (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia…), the biggest European countries like France, Germany, and England, that didn't see futsal as a professional sport in the past, have also seen its potential and started highly investing in it.

One of the reasons why futsal is becoming more interesting and more popular in dominantly football countries is its correlation and connection with football.

Nowadays it is known that nations such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, or Italy are generally technically more refined than northern European nations, and one of the arguments is the fact that they incorporate futsal in the young stage of football development of their young footballers.

It is also known that most of the players that are considered as the best of all time have played futsal in their youth ages – Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Messi, C. Ronaldo, Neymar, etc.

Croatia has, for example, a different situation. Their FA has rarely incorporated futsal in the early stages of the football development program, but all of Croatia's best footballers (Luka Modrić, Mario Mandžukić, Marcelo Brozović, etc.) have played some kind of 5-a-side or 6-a-side football at the local level and local tournaments, and that is, arguably, one of the reasons why such a small country, with only 4.000.000 people, clinched silver and bronze medal on World Cups in last 22 years.

Thus, that is the reason why a lot of Premier League and Ligue 1 football clubs achieved cooperation with local futsal academies in recent years and why they encourage young footballers to practice futsal together with football. All to develop technical superiority like the footballers from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal…

This example was also followed by the Italian popular club U.C. Sampdoria from Genoa. In 2021, the Italian football club announced that they will expand the existing partnership that they had with a local team and from then on be known as Sampdoria Futsal with the goal to "develop futsal both regionally and further afield."

In this article, we will talk about the most popular world's football clubs that have their futsal „sections“that compete or at least have recently competed (which you will see in River Plate's example) in the top tier of their national leagues.

So, let's see what are the best football clubs in the world with their futsal sections.


Boca Juniors

One of the most famous Argentinian football clubs is also the second-most successful Argentinian futsal club with 13 national titles (the first is Pinocho with 14 titles, that don't have a football section). Last title Azul y Oro clinched in 2020 and once (in 2014) they played Copa Libertadores futsal finals and lost against Brazilian Atlântico Erechim. Former Maradona's club has started playing futsal in the inaugural Argentinian championship in 1986.

Full name: Boca Juniors Athletic Club
Founded: 1905 (futsal section in 1986)
Location: Buenos Aires
Titles: 13
Biggest continental success: Finals 2014 (CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores)
Rivalries: River Plate, Club Pinocho, San Lorenzo
Home colours: Blue and yellow

River Plate

Boca's biggest rival also has its futsal section and those football institutions are the only two clubs that played all seasons in Argentinian top tier since its creation in 1986. But, last year (2019.) River Plate descended for the first time to the second division. River is three-time Argentina champions, last time clinching the title in 2003. Their biggest continental success is third place in the Copa Libertadores futsal (2013).

Full name: River Plate Athletic Club
Founded: 1901 (futsal section in 1986)
Location: Buenos Aires
Titles: 3
Biggest continental success: Third place 2013 (CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores)
Rivalries:  River Plate, San Lorenzo
Home colours: White, red and black

San Lorenzo

The third most successful futsal club in Argentina is also part of the greater sporting family. Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro also fields a futsal section. San Lorenzo won the national football league whopping 15 times, while its futsal section was champion of their country for 8 times. In 2021, San Lorenzo Futsal made a historic success and clinched the first continental trophy for any Argentine club, lifting the Futsal Copa Libertadores.

Full name: Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro
Founded: 1908 (futsal section in 1997)
Location: Buenos Aires
Titles: 8
Biggest continental success: CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores de Futsal Winners 2021
Rivalries: River Plate, Boca Juniors
Home colours: Blue and Red



One of the most successful South America's football teams (with 54 titles) is also one of the most successful Brazilian futsal clubs. They started playing futsal in the 1950s and clinched 30 domestic trophies, out of which only one national championship (in 2016). But two times in the row (2018 and 2019) Corinthians clinched Brazilian Cup and in 2019 won Brazilian Super cup that secured them the first participation in Copa Libertadores eventually losing in the quarter-finals against current South Americas' champions Carlos Barbosa (Brazil).

Full name: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
Founded: 1910 (futsal section in the 1950s)
Location: Sao Paulo
Biggest continental success: Quarter-finals 2019 (CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores)
Rivalries: Magnus, Sorocaba Futsal, ADC Intelli
Home colours: White and black

The Czech Republic

Slavia  Prague

The iconic and one of the best world's football clubs in the first half of the 20th century has established its futsal team in 1996. Slavia stared in the Czech's lowest futsal division and reached the top tier in 2007, in which they compete since then. Their biggest success is the national finals in 2017 when they lost against the most successful Czech futsal club, ERA Pack Chrudim.

Full name: Sportovn Klub Slavia Praga
Founded: 1892 (futsal section in 1996)
Location: Praha
Titles: 0
Biggest continental success: -
Rivalries:  Sparta Praha, Era Pack Chrudim
Home colours: White and red

Sparta Praha

Slavia's biggest football and city rival Sparta has established its futsal club in 2013 when they bought the first league license from the club Torf Pardubice. Since then, they are competing in Czech first tier, and in last season (2018./19.) they clinched their historic championship defeating favourites Era Pack and broke their domination after 12 consecutive titles. They also had really good debut appearance in Champions League reaching the Elite round. They play in Sparta Arena with a capacity of 1.200 spectators.

Full name: Association Club Sparta Praha
Founded: 1893 (futsal section in 2013)
Location: Praha
Titles: 1
Biggest continental success: Elite round 2019 (UEFA Champions League)
Rivalries:  Slavia Praha, Era Pack Chrudim
Home colours: Dark red (maroon) and white



One of the three Athens clubs has established its futsal section in 2008 after merging with O.F. Geraka. AEK started from the second division and won their first title in 2019 finishing first in the Hellenic Futsal Super League. In their debut appearance in UEFA Futsal Champions League, they finished last in the Preliminary round securing one point against Ireland's champions Blue Magic.

Full name: Athlitikí Énosis Konstantinoupόleos
Founded: 1924 (futsal section in 2008)
Location: Athens
Titles: 1
Biggest continental success: Preliminary round 2019 (UEFA Champions League)
Rivalries: Panathinaikos, Doukas
Home colours: Black and yellow


Famous Greece football club Panathinaikos created their futsal section in 2017 after merging with the most successful Greece futsal club Athina 90. Athina won Greek First Division 15 times, last in 2016. After merging with Athina, Panathinaikos lost finals two years in a row, first in 2018 against Doukas (1-3), and second (2019) against AEK (2-3). Last year they also lost Cup finals against Doukas.

Full name: Athlitikí Énosis Konstantinoupόleos
Founded: 1908 (futsal section in 2017)
Location: Athena
Titles: 0 (merged with Atina 90 who has 15 titles)
Biggest continental success: -
Rivalries:  AEK, Doukas
Home colours: Green and white



Similar to two Czech clubs, Ferencvaros was one of the best pre-WWII European clubs by winning two Mitropa Cups (forerunner of European Cup) and one Inter-Cities Fairs Clubs (former Europa League). They established their futsal section in 2007 and started competing in second Hungarian tier which they immediately won, but were relegated the next season. Since then, Ferenvaros secured promotion to the first division in season 2015/18, but after two years in top tier relegated again in 2017/18. Last season they won the second division once more and currently (20th February 2020) they are fourth in the top Hungarian tier.

Full name: Ferencvárosi Torna Club
Founded: 1899 (futsal section in 2007)
Location: Budapest
Titles: 0
Biggest continental success: -
Rivalries:  Dunaújváros, Veszprém
Home colours: Green and white



This very popular Italian football club may not be the most decorated team in the country, but it is one with a very cult following. The Genoan derby, called the Derby della Lanterna is known by football fans worldwide. Sampdoria was the champion of Italy once (1991), lifted the national Cup four times (1985, 1988, 1989, 1994), won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1990, and reached the final of the European Cup, known today as the UEFA Champions League. In 2021, Sampdoria officially made its way into futsal by merging with an existing team that will from now on wear their jerseys and crest and be part of the wider Sampdoria sports family.

Full name: Sampdoria Futsal
Founded: 1946 (futsal section in 2021)
Location: Genoa
Titles: 0
Biggest continental success: -
Home colours: Blue and white, with red and black



Benfica is the most successful Portuguese football club and second most successful futsal club, with 8 national championships (they are current champions), 18 domestic cups and Champions League winners in 2010. Benfica's futsal team was established in 2001 (16 years after their biggest rivals Sporting) and since its foundation, Futsal Benfica is one of the best teams in the world. Like their fiercest rivals, the club has the strong support of Benfica's ultras at their home matches.

Full name: Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Founded: 1905 (futsal section in 2001)
Location: Lisabon
Titles: 8
Biggest continental success: 1st place (2010)
Rivalries:  Sporting, Braga
Home colours: Red and white


Even though Sporting FC won only two Portuguese championships in the last 27 years, it is currently one of the most powerful futsal clubs in the world. Established in 1985. Sporting's futsal section has won record 15 national championships and 18 more domestic trophies. Sporting is current European champion reaching finals in the last three years and semi-finals four times in last six years. Sporting plays their home matches at great Pavilhão Joãi Rocha sports hall with a capacity of 3.000.

Full name: Sporting Clube de Portugal
Founded: 1906 (futsal section in 1985)
Location: Lisabon
Titles: 15
Biggest continental success: 1st place (2019)
Rivalries: Benfica, Braga
Home colours: Green and white



Probably the most famous futsal team of the football clubs in the world is Barcelona, who has log connection with players playing futsal in a younger age such as Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Coutinho and others. Barcelona developed its futsal section in 1987 but it was turned off in 1982 and reestablished again in 1986. Futsal Barca is the fourth time Spanish champion and two-time European champions, also playing against Russian KPRF in this year's semi-finals (24th April). Barcelona is playing its home matches in famous Palau Blaugrana with 7,500 seats.

Full name: Futbol Club Barcelona
Founded: 1899 (futsal section in 1978 and 1986)
Location: Barcelona
Titles: 4
Biggest continental success: 1st place (2012 and 2014)
Rivalries:  Inter Movistar, El Pozo Murcia, Levante
Home colours: Dark red (maroon) and blue

Out of category - Croatia

Futsal Dinamo

Zagreb's most popular futsal club is out of this category since Futsal Dinamo is not an official club of FC Dinamo Zagreb. Organized and managed by its members and with the strong support of Dinamo's ultras group Bad Blue Boys it symbolizes and represents Dinamo's values and symbols, but is still not in the same sporting section with FC Dinamo. Futsal Dinamo won Second Tier in their beginning season (2015) and three local cups, reaching Croatian First Tier semi-finals in the last four seasons.

Full name: Futsal Dinamo
Founded: 2014 (FC Dinamo is established in 1911)
Location: Zagreb
Titles: 0
Biggest continental success: -
Rivalries:  Split, Uspinjača-Gimka, Novo Vrijeme
Home colours: Blue and white

This is our list of the world's most famous football clubs that have their futsal sections. If you think we left some of them out which we shouldn't have, feel free to write to us so we can expend this list 😊

(Foto: Sparta Praha, Futsal Dinamo)


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