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'Magnus Project': The media has boosted it, but can now make them back off?

Maria Pinto Jorge is a Portuguese and Brazilian sports journalist with a special interest in futsal. She is an editor at LeoninoPT, a Sporting CP's website where she focuses on Sporting CP's futsal team. In addition, she is a journalist and commentator at the biggest futsal page in Portugal, Zona Técnica.

FutsalFeed is very happy to present Maria as a new addition to our fantastic team of columnists. Her topics will mostly cover futsal topics from Portugal and Brazil.

Maria's debut column takes a closer look at the love-hate relationship between Magnus Futsal and the media, following the Sorocaba's team defeat in the special edition of the Brazilian Futsal Super Cup against Corinthians.


Magnus Sorocaba's unbeaten run ended on March 7, after another year without losing, with a total of 32 games without knowing the taste of defeat: 28 wins and 4 draws. After a winning tide, Ricardinho's men failed to get a passport to Libertadores

Magnus's last month had it all. The conquest of the second Super Cup against Minas Tenis Clube (5-1), but also the failure in the 'classic' against Corinthians, by 3-2, made the Sorocaba club stay out of Libertadores. There have been many critics and doubts raised by the team sponsored by Falcão after this defeat, however, doesn’t all of the work shown until the moment of the final whistle of the final game matter?

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Magnus + Media = Love / hate relationship

Magnus didn’t lose since 2019, after Pato's 6-0 defeat, in the LNF final that same year. The Brazilians thus reached the match with their rival with 32 games without losing, including 28 wins and 4 draws. Since 2018, the club has won its biggest boost - the total of 5 years after the team was presented to the international press - and, at that moment, Sorocaba saw its formation supported by big names in national and international futsal. First, with the arrival of Falcão, who is now the godfather of the emblem, then with Ricardinho as coach and Rodrigo as captain. The eyes were fixed on Arena Sorocaba from the beginning, with expectations already too high.

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In this chapter we can identify the following: the importance of the media for both good and evil for Magnus. Thanks to the names associated with the club, especially Falcão, which generates a lot of attention, the Sorocaba emblem has been a 'project of interest' all over the world, not only for futsal but for sports in general. This, for being a case of sudden success, but obviously for having the support of one of the best futsal players ever. Also for the same reason, and for all the pressure to which the group has been subjected - in the less good times, as it is the case of being left out of Libertadores, we have reached a time when many question this management recipe.

For this very reason, this leaves another question: could they never lose? All teams lose, even the “best in the world”, as it turns out to be the case with Magnus. That’s exactly why, next, we’ll take a look at the numbers of the team in the last year, until they reached this defeat that, for many, made them go from “bestials to beasts”, as we say in Portugal.

LNF explained in numbers

After the pandemic, with the return of futsal to the courts, Ricardinho's team returned in force and won the LNF 2020/2021. While the next season doesn’t start, we evaluate the statistics of the previous season, in which we can see the total supremacy of Magnus, both individually and collectively.

Rodrigo, although a defender, was the best scorer in the league, with a total of 15 goals scored. In turn, Danilo Baron, on his side, was the player who got the most assists (9). To culminate these numbers, it is easy to see why the attack built by the yellow team is also the best, with 75 goals scored. In addition, Magnus was the emblem with the most home wins (10) and, even more, away from home (7). It’s used to say that “the numbers don’t lie”, so these only appear in order to compensate the doubts of many.

Success at the Futsal Awards 2020

It’s relevant to highlight the results associated with the club in the Futsalplanet's Awards 2020, which ended up dominating most of them, joining the best European teams.

Magnus won the title of a second-best team in the world - just behind Barcelona - and Ricardinho was also considered the second-best team coach.

When it comes to players, Leozinho was the winner of the award for the best young player in the world, in addition to Rodrigo - or ‘Capita’ - who came in third place for the best player in the world.

This brings us to a final note and, after all the numbers, to answer our questions: Magnus project is a winner, it has been showing it is for quite a while. It won’t be a defeat - especially in a classic - that can make all the work they’ve done called into question. The media appear in good and bad times of all clubs, but this project, in particular, is ingloriously written and decided by too many "opinion makers".


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Maria Pinto Jorge


Maria Pinto Jorge


Maria Pinto Jorge is a Portuguese and Brazilian sports journalist with a special interest in futsal. She is an editor at LeoninoPT, a Sporting CP's website, where she focuses on Sporting CP's futsal team. She is also a journalist and commentator at the biggest futsal page in Portugal, Zona Técnica.