Italy: Feldi Eboli pips Petrarca Padova for the semifinal

The only quarterfinal duel in the Italian Futsal Seria A playoff, the one between Feldi Eboli and Petrarca Padova which was postponed due to Covid reasons, has finally been played out. Feldi Eboli pipped Petrarca Padova in two matches for the semifinal.

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The first match of this match-up finished 7-1 for Feldi Eboli and this was also an away victory. The other match finished yesterday in a 4-4 draw. However, due to special occasions, this was enough for Feldi Eboli to punch through to the semifinals.

First match highlights:

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Because of the postponement caused by Covid, there is a lot of rumor that the finish of the Italian futsal championship could be played out in a Final Four format. Although there still has not been a final decision on this matter, it is not a farfetched idea at all.

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However it gets decided to finish this year's championship, we are just happy that the futsal in Italy continued and that we will get a champion on the parquet and not any other way.

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