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Famous YouTube futsal star joins FutsalFeed ranks!

Just recently, here at FutsalFeed we have started a cooperation with one of the most influential futsal YouTubers in the world. Klemen Duščak, known as Kleminho on YouTube, is a futsal player from Slovenia. He started his YouTube channel four years ago and through hard work and some awesome video editing, he has managed to gather over 43.000 futsal lovers on his channel since then.

It is quite possible that many of our readers already saw Kleminho’s compilation videos and other futsal skills and tricks videos without realizing a fellow futsal player does them.

Kleminho’s channel has more subscribers than most of the world’s futsal clubs on their YouTube channel and it is ranked as one of the top subscribed futsal channels in the world. Considering that YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide and that 79% of internet users own their own account on this social media, such large visibility is important for the continuation of futsal’s growth and popularity.

YouTuber with a futsal attitude

 “I’m a Slovenian futsal player. I currently play for FC Dobovec in Slovenia. Before joining in 2018, I also played four seasons for FC Litija. My biggest achievement so far is the current national champion title, two cup titles and qualifying and playing in two UEFA Futsal Champions League elite rounds against players like Romulo, Ricardinho, Gadeia, Ortiz, Merlim, Douglas and many other big names in futsal.” said Klemen as an introduction to our conversation.

Talk quickly turned to his futsal beginnings. Like many other people, Klemen first started with football and only later discovered the magic lure of futsal. “I used to play football and many futsal “Sunday league” tournaments when I was younger. I enjoyed playing futsal and I was scoring more goals and winning more often. So I decided to start training futsal.”

As futsal enthusiasts, we simply had to discuss the current state of development of Slovenian futsal. Klemen’s positive attitude towards it is reassuring. “I think futsal in Slovenia is doing pretty well. There are no professional clubs or players in the league, we all have either jobs or schools throughout the day and then go to trainings or play matches in the evening. Nevertheless, I think our league is on a high level of quality and it is very competitive.”

However, he does point out to several areas where Slovenian futsal could improve in the coming years. “We naturally want better financial support, more sponsors and more stable clubs to make it even better and more attractive to foreign players. Organising the UEFA Futsal EURO in 2018 helped spread the word about futsal in Slovenia and its popularity is slowly rising. A boost in media coverage of the league would be beneficial for everyone involved. Players would get extra motivated which would boost the leagues quality and bring more sponsor and financial support.”

Futsal's worldwide reach

After initial introduction, it was time to start talking business. Klemen’s YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed channels specialised for futsal on this social media platform. We were interested in how it all actually started. “When I started playing futsal, I was really impressed by the game and I wanted to see if I can learn some of the skills and tricks. I searched on YouTube for compilations and match replays but nothing much was available, so that gave me an idea to start making my own videos, searching for tricks and skills online and combining them together. My first YouTube video now has over 1.5 million views.”

 “I think it’s because I’m a futsal player, I know how to separate good, interesting tricks and content from bad. In addition, I was one of the first few channels posting only futsal videos when I was starting. There weren’t many good clips or player compilations out there” explained Klemen concerning why his videos generate such large number of views.

Futsal enthusiasts follow his channel from literally every continent of the planet. Nevertheless, Klemen has plans for the growth of his channel in future that we also discussed in our interview. “I am happy that my channel is growing, my videos are getting views and are amazingly received. Many of my subscribers are from Asia or Brazil. In Europe, they are mostly from Spain. Biggest interests are for the ‘crazy’ futsal skills and tricks, and videos about Richardinho or Falcao. My biggest motivation is making every video better than the last one. My current goal is to try to get 100.000 subscribers. I hope I will continue to grow and share many more futsal tricks, skills and plays.”

In conclusion to our little talk, we asked Klemen what his opinion about the future of futsal globally is, can it surpass today’s traditional sports? “I would absolutely love to see futsal grow and become more and more popular. It is attracting more fans to the arenas with every big event. In Slovenia, Futsal EURO was a great success and futsal in Europe has a bright future and I definitely think it can come close or even surpass many traditional indoor sports.”

We sincerely hope so as well dear Klemen and we strongly believe that things that you do on YouTube mean a lot to our growing futsal community and to every new kid out there who wants to improve his game!

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