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Miguelín for FutsalFeed: Murcia and ElPozo are synonymous with happiness

Author: Oliver Milošević

In a series of interviews on your favorite futsal website - FutsalFeed, of course, today we bring you the interview with one of the biggest names in the world of futsal! Certainly, one of the greatest players ever to play our game.

Miguel Sayago Martí - Miguelín!

European champion with Spain on two occasions (2012, 2016) and winner of two Copa del Reys and three Spanish Super Cups. He has represented the colors of ElPozo Murcia, one of the biggest European futsal clubs, since 2011.

Meanwhile, he has become the symbol of the club and it is impossible to imagine watching ElPozo's match without Miguelín threatening an opposing goal with his famous left foot.

ElPozo Murcia always aims for the finals

Because of everything mentioned above; and everything that Miguelín has achieved during his futsal career and everything he represents in the world of futsal - we had the pleasure to talk to him about topics that have always interested us.

How are you, are you satisfied with the current season? ElPozo is holding firm to that playoff spot. How did Covid affect the players, and do you miss full stands in Murcia?

Well, COVID has affected the world in all possible aspects. Life has changed in many ways; the same thing is everywhere in sports - as it is in futsal. It is really sad not to see full stands in sports arenas all around the globe. It is shame to see empty stands, of course.

Hopefully, the fans will be able to come back soon because we really miss them. For a short while, some fans could come to Murcia home matches, but that was only for up to 30% of the arena capacity.

This season, like rarely before, the league is full of tough matches and the competition looks huge! Palma Futsal, Levante, Cartagena, Barcelona, Inter Movistar, Valdepeñas… All teams are completely unpredictable and strong.  It seems it won't be possible to even guess who the champion is until the very end. Is ElPozo ready to win the league?

As you said, the league is in an atypical season and everything changes fast. It is true. Several teams are playing quite important roles this season. For example, Palma Futsal, which has grown for many years to be able to battle against the strongest teams as they do now.

Then Levante, Jimbee Cartagena, Valdepeñas - they are also candidates for the title, which Valdepeñas already proved in the last season! They have great teams and very interesting projects.

ElPozo must always aim for the league final. Everyone who wears an ElPozo jersey must always know that!

I am very confident that this will be the case and we will reach the final in the best possible way at the end!

This year, the Futsal World Cup will be held in Lithuania. As always, Spain is expected to play a very important role? Can someone stop you at all? Whom do you see as the main competitors for the title?

Spain is always Spain. Due to the team’s history, the responsibility we have, and to the quality of players - you always have to keep victory on your mind – win it and prove to yourself and others that you are the best!

However, we know that it won't be easy - you need to give everything you have to achieve something big in this type of competition.

Can someone stop us? Well, today, if you’re not up to the challenge and you’re not competing the way you should, many teams can stop you, without any doubt. As for our main competitors… Well, Argentina, because Argentina is the latest world champion. But also, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Iran, Italy… there are so many teams at this level that can complicate things a lot for us if we’re not giving our best!

Murcia and ElPozo are synonymous with happiness

The time passes rather quickly. You are now 35 years old. Have you thought about when will you finish your career? Do you want to play in Murcia for the rest of your career? The atmosphere in the city and the club suits you and you found yourself there?

To me, Murcia and ElPozo are synonymous with happiness. I have never wanted to change clubs, either in Spain or abroad. I very much feel like a part of this team. We have experienced many unforgettable things and moments together during these last 10 years. I have been defending these colors for years and I have created my life here.

From the first day in the club, everyone treated me with great respect. I have had financially superior offers in my life, but it will never overcome the affection, love, and support which ElPozo's fans have given and continue to give to me.

Now as an experienced futsal player, have you noticed any particular new young players? Who are for you the most talented players in Spain and the world? On the other hand, where do young people make the most mistakes in their career development?

Fortunately, in Spain, young people have proven to be very good and talented. I really like players like Adolfo, Fernando, Leozinho, Dario, Alberto Garcia and Mellado.

Where do young people make the most mistakes? I think that experience is really important, but sometimes, depending on the situation and the time of the match, mistakes simply happen. Even to veterans.

Is it possible to find a new space where Spanish futsal could grow some more? Are you satisfied with the status that futsal has in Spain and the world? What can other countries learn from Spain and its attitude towards this sport?

Well, progress is in line with what has been given to this sport. Our sport is becoming more physical than ever and it is important not to allow your opponent to play - so perhaps it is more difficult to see talented players who need more space to showcase their talent.

Talking about the status of futsal in Spain and the world… Obviously no, I am not satisfied! It is a great pity that this beautiful and passionate sport is still not included on the list of Olympic Games. It is unfair for futsal!

It depends on the economic resources on which these sports will be based in the future and I think that these economic resources are the basic thing for the development of the sport.

Futsal - the best decision to make

Have you maybe thought about your post-futsal life? Will you stay engaged in some futsal-related position or something completely separate? Are you ready to go to a "non-futsal" country at the end of your career where futsal is of lower quality, but where the contract could be even better?

At the moment I can't imagine my life without futsal, even though I'm older, haha. But I would like to remain involved in this sport, for sure. Futsal is one of the most important things in my life and I don’t see that changing soon.

However, you never know in sports… One day you’re here and the other you are not! It depends on the conditions that are offered to you or what is the best option for your family.

Looking back now, was futsal a good decision? Would you recommend young people to take up this sport?

The best decision I made!

I am really lucky because I have experienced things I have never imagined; to be in unique places, to achieve the biggest possible sports success, and to do what I like the most. I can't ask for more! Only to remain healthy.

Of course, I would recommend futsal to young people. Futsal is a way of life, a unique feeling!


We thanked Miguelín for his time and wished him the same he wished for himself: good health and the possibility to play and train futsal as long as possible.

We hope that for a long time to come, Miguelin will continue to delight us with his moves on the futsal courts, both with ElPozo and with the Spanish national team!


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