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We are celebrating our first birthday! Here are Top10 most read futsal articles on FutsalFeed

On 2 January 2020, FutsalFeed became public! Therefore, we can say that we are celebrating our first birthday today! Since our beginnings, FutsalFeed's intention was to gather all relevant news from popular futsal websites such as,,,, etc., but also to create our original content in the form of stories, analysis, announcements, and interviews with futsal persons form all around the world.

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In the last 365 days, we published 96 "originals" and had 14 columns from 8 eminent futsal personas. Since the beginning of September, we rebranded our website and started publishing global futsal news daily.

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Futsal Recap of 2020

The beginning of 2020 had a tremendous futsal perspective. First of all, it was a year of the Futsal World Cup that should have taken place in Lithuania from 12 September to 4 October.

In Europe's Elite qualification round (28 January – 5 February), Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, and Spain won their groups and qualified for the Futsal World Cup. Croatia, Finland, Serbia, and The Czech Republic secured their place in the European playoffs.

Morocco dominantly won the African Cup of Nations (28 January – 7 February) with all five victories and a superb goal-difference of 24-1. Along with Morocco (third World Cup), Egypt (seventh), and Angola (debut) also managed to qualify for Lithuania.

Almost at the same time (1 – 9 February), Argentina shocked Brazil in Carlos Barbosa (3:1). Argentina won the South American qualification tournament for the World Cup. Besides finalists, Paraguay (seventh participation) and Venezuela (debut) also managed to get their place in Futsal Mundial.

Asian Futsal Championship was about to start (26 February to 8 March), as well as the North American Cup (1 – 5 May). Futsal clubs in Europe were looking forward to the Final Four of the Futsal Champions League and the European national leagues' finish.

However, at the end of 2019, the virus that causes COVD-19 disease appeared in China. When we talked with Chinese national team coach Silvio Gargelli at the beginning of the year, we did not mention the virus. When we spoke with Hicham Dugig, Marocco national team coach, we talked about Morocco's ambitions on the forthcoming World Cup during the Futsal Week tournament at the beginning of March. We didn't discuss the possible postponement of the competition.

>> How will Coronavirs Affect Futsal

And then it came. One by one, tournaments, leagues, and even the Olympic games stopped and cancelled competitions.

Besides Belarus and some small tropic countries, futsal was not played anywhere until June when some countries (Spain, Russia, Croatia, etc.) continued their competition.

After the summer break, Champions League Final Four tournament was held in Barcelona, European leagues started their new season (mostly without spectators), and in November, four European countries played Playoffs for the World Cup. Eventually, Czechia and Serbia won last to European places in Lithuania.

Qualification for the 2022 European championship also started with their preliminary round, and the richest football federation in the world, the famous FA, was the only European association that stopped funding futsal and withdrew their national team from 2022 Euro. The reason is COVID-19, and the poor English FA no longer have money for futsal…

>> Doug Reed: Futsal is a Fantastic Game - it will grow with or without the FA's involvement

The year that should have been most substantial with futsal eventually was very indigent.

However, we managed to choose a Futsal's best team in 2020 in a large competition which included futsal experts and you, our dear readers.

>> Winners: FutsalFeed Best Team of 2020 Award Winners

As it is often said, there is something good in everything bad. The things that we couldn't watch in 2020 (Asian Futsal Championship, COMNEBOL Futsal Championship, and World Cup) we will hopefully witness in 2021.

Therefore, get ready for a fantastic futsal year.

But, before we publish the text Futsal Calendar in 2021, we would like to look back on the past year and see our top 10 most-read articles:

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